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Color Acrylic and Fimo

Although it has been a few days, I feel like it has been weeks since I last logged on.  I hate that feeling when I'm busy with things and can't log on.  I feel so out of routine lol.  



Anyway, I finally experimented with color acrylic and encasing fimo pieces.  I still have a lot of work to do with that technique, and I need to find more videos lol.  After applying the color to the nail tip area, pressing the lime piece into it, and layering over the clear, it came out pretty thick.  While filing, I wish I had my dad's grinder to file it down lol.



One of my Instagram friends suggested using nail forms to sculpt a tip with the green acrylic powder.  She said it is easier than applying the color to the artificial tip.  I've never tried nail forms, but I think I will wait a while before doing that.  I want to get better at just the basics.  I played with the green powder just for the fun of it and to see how it worked.


Re: Color Acrylic and Fimo

Kimmi I swear there is nothing in the nail world you can't do.Smiley Happy

Re: Color Acrylic and Fimo

Thanks!  I still have some practicing to do, but some of my friends have already volunteered to be guinea pigs lol.  I just need to get a jar and cleaner from Sally's for disinfecting.  Right now, my mom and I have our own files and whatnot.  I have a spray cleaner I use to clean them, but I want something stronger for when I practice on other people.  I should have a Sally's coupon soon, so I know what it will go to lol.

Re: Color Acrylic and Fimo

summerrrrrrry! now I seriously need green nail polish....and maybe a fruity drink. =P

Re: Color Acrylic and Fimo

Thanks!  And go with both!  Chili's has a good strawberry margarita!  Smiley Happy

Re: Color Acrylic and Fimo

Super creative! I love love love the greenSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: Color Acrylic and Fimo

Thank you!  I think the acrylic powder shade is called Apple Martini.

Re: Color Acrylic and Fimo

Kimmi, your nails look great!  I agree with @ beatylovingirl & @beautytester.  Your skill with acrylics has improved so much in only the few months you've been practicing!  This is definitely your gift!

Re: Color Acrylic and Fimo

Thank you!  I find doing nails to be fun and relaxing.  With my upcoming semester schedule, I will definitely need some relaxation time!

Re: Color Acrylic and Fimo

Wow! Looks great, are they margarita flavored too?? Smiley Tongue

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