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Brittle Nails/Weird Texture

This year I became addicted to nail polish. Unfortunately after a few months of constantly painting my nails, they've become brittle and whitish with a weird, dry texture. I'm using a Sally Hansen basecoat, but is there a healthier one I could use? Are there any nail treatments you can recommend? Thanks!

Re: Brittle Nails/Weird Texture

I'm in love with Butter London's Horse Power!


Though it's a bit pricey, I've seen a difference it makes on my nails!


In my situation, my nails are most weak when they're not polished, as soon as polish wears off on my tips my nails want to split or get chipped. BLHP helps to strengthen my nails and is a great base coat. The directions say to use it as a treatment where you apply it every day for a week then remove it and start over again, but I use it weekly or everytime I swap out my polish for a new shade.


It's super quick drying too so there's hardly any downtime from applying it and actual polish!

Re: Brittle Nails/Weird Texture

Awesome! Is this something Sephora carries?

Re: Brittle Nails/Weird Texture

They don't have the Horse Power yet online (not sure about stores, maybe call in to your local Sephora or check in with a Mod), but I know they have Horse Power at Ulta, and online on Butter London's page and even sites like Amazon!


It's a little wonder in a bottle! I've always been on the hunt for a good strengthener and I'm so glad I got to try this! At first I was skeptical from all the past products I've tried and because HP is so pricey, but it's a great investment!

Re: Brittle Nails/Weird Texture

I have a similar issue with nail polish. I have to let my nails "breathe". Meaning no nail polish and soaking in olive oil. I also use vitamin e capsules. Break one open and rub into the nail beds and on nails. A little trick from my mom who always had long beautiful nails.Smiley Wink
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