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Best way to get long, strong, healthy nails?

What are everyone's secrets and tips for maintaining long, healthy, natural nails?


My natural nails are getting nice and strong for the first time in my life after finally dealing with a vitamin deficiency, and I'd like to keep them that way!



I moisturize my hands religiously and try to take good care of my cuticles.  I love the Tocca hand cremes.  I've also been using the perfect formula oil on my nails and use argan oil as well.   What do you use? Any holy grail nail treatment products I should know about?


Re: Best way to get long, strong, healthy nails?

Hi Nebel! 


Fun post! I'm super particular with my nails and they used to be pretty fragile so I take a lot of care with them now. 


I use my Argan oil as a moisturizer/softener for my cuticles and to keep the skin soft and not dry looking.



I also use a "retinol" based strengthening/hardening coat from s.hansen to keep them strong- I go back and forth between that and my Butter London Matte Top Coat.




PLUS I started taking a hair and nail B vitamin to keep my hair healthy and nails from splitting. It's helping a lot!  




I ave a sugary hand scrub as well that I like to use but the only problem is that it is a bit too greasy and while my hands feel AMAZING they are too slick afterwards! Smiley Happy

Julep Glycolic Hand Scrub is another great one to try that is less greasy and gentle on the hands.


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Best way to get long, strong, healthy nails?

Great suggestions! I use the Josie Maran Argan oil nightly, and I love that julep scrub (but thanks for reminding me of it, as I forgot about it!)  The Butter London nail foundation is also a great product! I'll look into the vitamins!


Re: Best way to get long, strong, healthy nails?

I take fish oil in gel capsules because otherwise it would taste terrible and my nails, skin and hair have never looked better :-)


Omega -3 fatty acids for the win!

Re: Best way to get long, strong, healthy nails?

Hi Nebel, I have always had very thin nails that peel and break easily.  I started using the Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat a few months ago and it has really helped keep my nails stronger & prettier!  I love how the pink tint helps to brighten the color of my nails as well. I also use the Sephora Collection 2 In 1 Cuticle Removing Pen.  It has really helped to keep my cuticles hydrated and in top shape!  Smiley Happy -Laura




Re: Best way to get long, strong, healthy nails?

Taking fish oils twice daily helps mine grow and stay strong.  Great for my skin, too!

Re: Best way to get long, strong, healthy nails?

If you are using Perfect Formula Daily Moisture, you can also add in their Strong Nail Treatment. It has worked wonders for me. Sephora sells it in a set with the Daily Moisture. And if you do decide to wear polish, try their Manicure Booster, it really increases wear time of whatever polish you wear!

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