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Any one have Dior's diorissimo polish in Minuit?

I bought this during the VIB sale because the bottle is gorgeous, I like the polish color, and I wanted something Dior. But I own a huge amount of polish and I've never had something chip this badly. I put it on right before bed last night and it chipped a bit first thing this morning and now has chipped again. It's horrible!


Please, if you have a suggestion let me know. I am taking this back otherwise. I do love the bottle but it is far, far too expensive for me to keep for the name and the bottle if I have no hope of wearing it. The Sephora by OPI polish I had on before this was on for 5 days with just some tip wear before I took it off because I wanted something different.  I hate wearing chipped polish and in this dark color it looks terrible. 

Re: Any one have Dior's diorissimo polish in Minuit?

Raising hand, shaking hand, teacher i know this - yes I have it and the LE trio Vernis Gold Coffret as well as Marilyn. Did not get the duo as I do care for the little white balls that are like albino sprinkles, or the Winter as I would never wear it. The black Diva from last year is gorgeous, better than the Chanel!


You could put a coat of Dior Gel coat on or the equally good less pricey Formula X gel coat -(thanks Poshy) - i put a coat over everything and it makes all the difference. Most brands have long wearing colors mixed with chippers, the gel coat will fix it!

Re: Any one have Dior's diorissimo polish in Minuit?

I have this one too, definitely a good top coat makes a world of difference! I have fallen pretty hard for the Dazzle Dry top and base coats, I can go do anything I want within a couple minutes of painting my nails without a worry of smudging and no chips for 7-10 days despite my thin nails that bend easily so polish chips like crazy without it!

Re: Any one have Dior's diorissimo polish in Minuit?

Thanks, I'll look for the Sephora X Gel Coat when I get a chance. 


What's Dazzle Dry and where does it come from?  I like my Out the Door top coat from Sally's Beauty but it's not thick. Anything that prevents chipping and dries quickly sounds fabulous!

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