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All around year Nail Polish

I have been looking everywhere for a all around year nail polish! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Re: All around year Nail Polish

Hi SaohoraLove-


I agree, something basic off-white or pink is an easy shade to wear all year round.


Dear Diary... - sheer warm light pink


Give Peach A Chance - opaque nude peach

give peach.jpg


I Gotta Blush On You - opaque ballet pink


<3 Melissa

Re: All around year Nail Polish

I love the colors that Melissa posted.  Those are my go-to's all year round! Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: All around year Nail Polish

I vote for neutrals as well or a light pink.  If the pink still seems like it is too much, perhaps too shiny, you can tone it down by applying a matte top coat.  Using a matte top coat over other neutrals can tone it down more, too.

Re: All around year Nail Polish

I love Diana's picks. Neutrals are ALWAYS in style. I usually go for a mauve, latte hue, or a deep plum which always looks great. 

Whimsically yours,

Re: All around year Nail Polish

Hello SaohoraLove, 


Basically you'd like a shade to wear year round, yes? I say go with a vampy dark shade or a neutral beige/nude tone, or light pink- These are no fails for me and I wear them all year round anyway! check out Julep and Spa Ritual for some fun shades:


Julep- "Jennifer"



Nails Inc "Victoria"



Spa Ritual- "In the Buff"



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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