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Acrylic withdrawal

Hi all, I just removed my acrylic nails this week and the transition has been rough. I decided to go natural because of the cost, the damage to my nails, and reduced functionality but I am really missing the nail art my salon did and how it looked on my long glamorous nails. Smiley Sad I would love to go to the salon just to get manicures for my natural nails but the cost is just as expensive which would defeat the purpose of going natural, especially because designs don't last half as long on natural nails (so just money down the drain). I used to get compliments nearly every day on my nail designs, my salon could take any picture I showed them from online or Instagram and make it happen, and one picture of my nails even made it onto the sephora nail spotting Pinterest page.... Basically, I am filled with ennui over the loss of my nails, and I was hoping for some advice about how to make my at-home, natural nail manicures exciting and dynamic. Most of the people I know who really enjoy doing their nails almost have a ritual (watching shows or movies? Certain days/times?), does anyone do this? Are there any easy but interesting nail art designs? Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. Smiley Happy

Re: Acrylic withdrawal

You could try doing an at home gel system and then trying nail art on top of it with reg nail polish,and if you mess up its easy to wipe off with non acetone. It can be expensive up front but if you do your nails all the time your going to save so much money. 

Re: Acrylic withdrawal

I am TOTALLY intrigued by the nails inc. Bling it On sets; if I didn't have a kid I would be all over them.


Denim and Studs







The CIATE sets are also really cool looking!

Chalkboard nails, velvet nails, foil, sequined...I wish I could try them all!



Re: Acrylic withdrawal

Oh man, those hologram nails look awesome! I just made VIB again so I have a lot of coupons at my disposal right now too. Thank you!

Re: Acrylic withdrawal

also, miss has like these tiny black nail studs that look beautiful on natural nails 

Re: Acrylic withdrawal

the best thing to do is let them grow out, i went through the same process about 2 months ago, i had beautiful long stiletto nails but i saw a documentary where fungus gets all in your nail and all these other things like nerve damage, so when i took mine off they would break and look awful, 2 months later i have long healthy nails after using Essie treatments and now i can do the design i just had to wait for them to be long and thick enough.


the best advise i have is that you had a reason to take them off, and i don't think you should put them back on, it will just do more damage and cost more. 


hope this helps!

Re: Acrylic withdrawal

Oh yes I so agree, there were so many reasons to take off the nails but I loved the look so much! What Essie treatments did you use? I could never get my nails to grow at all Smiley Sad I got the Julep Nail 911 kit and I am loving the serum but I need a good nail strengthener. 

Re: Acrylic withdrawal

Why not get an at-home gel kit? That way you can have the nice look without the salon cost.

Re: Acrylic withdrawal

I have heard a lot about the gel kit and I have done the salon gel nails before and loved them, but I am concerned about the cost of the system (plus all the nail polishes! yikes!), do you have the system? What do you think - worth it? I have a lot of nail polishes already, I would love some good nail art designs or unique suggestions, or even ways to make my at-home manicures look more professional.

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