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Acrylic advice

EDIT: Wedding happened and I just did a french manicure, so I don't need any more acrylic horror stories.  Smiley Wink


I'm getting my nails done for a wedding this weekend.  A month ago I had long, beautiful, natural nails that I cut off because they were starting to split at the ends, in the hopes they would grow back the same way, but alas, now they are just splitting and looking ugh.


I am definitely getting acrylics at a salon, so don't bother talking me out of that if you intend to.  I've only ever had them done once before, so I don't know what to ask for or what style is "in" right now.  I need to know the language to ask for the right thing!  Help please!  Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Acrylic advice

The wedding was last week; as I mentioned below I just ended up with natural nails, a french manicure. I know my fingers weren't in any photos, @mafan, but at 5 months pregnant and with a 1 year old, I figured this was a good excuse to pamper myself.

Re: Acrylic advice

I got a set of stiletto acrylics late last year on a whim. They're still very on trend right now and are a nice hip alternative to square or oval shaped nails. A lot of people think that pointed nails are sharp, tacky, etc etc...but I've seen lots that are subtle and chic. I feel like "rules" for nails when it comes to special events are to:


-Stick with a solid color. I feel like soft pinks and neutrals always look amazing. Plus they'll work with no matter what you wear.


-Keep them at a natural length. A little past the finger tips makes acrylics look way more natural, plus they're much easier to function with.


In closing less is usually more. Acrylics are not the best thing for your nails but if you're still set in getting some I'd say go for it Smiley Happy.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Acrylic advice

Acrylics are horrendous, i never had long nice nails they've always been short and gross but now more then ever i had to cover up my nails with bandaids (no really) to keep them from being too cold all the time, it really is a struggle, there so sensitive and keep breaking even if i run my fingers through my hair, 


be careful with acrylics!

Re: Acrylic advice

Take heart in this. You are not the bride. You won't be having tons of photos done of your hands close up with rings or anything like that. Nice and neat will be just fine and people really won't notice, especially if you don't have an "out there" polish on. 


For my BIL's wedding I wasn't in it, but there were only two attendants and my husband was the best man and I was in photos and greeting lots of people. I split a nail the week before and had to shorten my nails enough that it didn't stand out. I caught my nail on the uncapped razor in my cosmetic bag 1/2 an hour before leaving for the wedding and cut a gouge into my dark purple polish. No one noticed, it didn't show in photos, etc. (Just be smart and cap your razor. When I got back that night I was stupid and actually cut a finger on the stupid thing!)

Re: Acrylic advice

Acrylics RUIN your nails!!! My nails were absolutely shredded and flakey. They take about six months to grow back nice and strong! Please consider that. 

Re: Acrylic advice

Do you have another option that will add length?

Re: Acrylic advice

LCN Gel's can add length, so can silks & fiber glass. all better alternatives to acrylic. 

Re: Acrylic advice

Would these be options at a salon?  I only have one in the area and I'm running out of time.  My nails are short stubs right now.  I am so mad I cut them off last month!  I have to have them done by Thursday.

Re: Acrylic advice

They should be, but it really depends on the salon and your location. Call them & see what your options are. You should probably make an appointment since it does take about an hour to get done. 

Re: Acrylic advice

I already have an appointment for tomorrow...I think I'm just going to go natural, as unpretty as it will be on my short stubs.  I just want temporary, and I realize acrylics or any other option are commitments, and with a 17 month old and one on the way, I don't need long nails that cost money to keep up!

Re: Acrylic advice

Are you completely set on acrylics? I used to wear acrylics in High School & they completely ruined my nails. In my early 20's I would get a french gel manicure (LCN pink & whites). They are more expensive, but last longer and to me look more natural. They also didn't ruin my nails like acrylics did. I would make sure they weren't too long, that the line was thin & they would be filed slightly rounded. Shape is really personal preference; some love oval, some square. 

This picture is similar to what I would get shape wise, but they were a little shorter



Another option, if you don't want a french is to get a shellac gel polish manicure. Depending on where you are they cost around $20-$30 and last about 2 weeks with no chips or lifting. You can soak them off at home or go back to the salon. There are so many colors to choose from now. Most of the Salons by me have a ton of OPI colors to choose from.


Re: Acrylic advice

Hi, carrierose!  From browsing online and instagram, various designs are popular, but I don't think they would be appropriate for a wedding.  I have also seen a lot of the stilleto nails, but, once again, probably not appropriate for a wedding.


The classic French manicure is always elegant, and it can be played up a bit.  If you don't want the white tip, the nail tech can use colored acrylic (perhaps the wedding colors) to create a blend of the colors over the tip.  If you want to keep the french white tip, you can have a streak or two of nail polish applied at the bottom of the tip for a small pop of color.  The wedding colors would be cute for the pop of color.  


The most important thing to keep in mind is to be careful about what nail salon you go to.  It may not be a big problem where you live, but people have to be careful about picking salons where I live.  I have heard that the nail techs at one salon are not licensed, and only one nail tech license was displayed on the wall.  

Re: Acrylic advice

I like the little bit of color idea, thanks!

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