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3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

We've seen the crackle polish, the beads over polish, and texture polishes.  For quite some time, I've seen people use bigger, 3D nail art pieces, and they're bigger than the typical rhinestones and fimo pieces.  What do you all think of this trend?


Last week, I finally picked up some of the 3D bows I've seen all over Instagram.  I found them at Claire's when I heard the store was now carrying nail art goodies.  Here's a simple one color manicure with a bow for an accent nail.


The polish is Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter.  I like the bow pieces, and the different colors I have are adorable.  It's too thick to be encased in acrylic like rhinestones and fimo pieces, so I'm interested in seeing how well it holds up.  To make sure it had a really good hold, I used nail glue and Cina bonder and top coat.  I could have probably gotten by with just the Cina bonder.  


Although I like the trend (or whatever you want to call it), I think it can be easy to go overboard with it.  If someone applied two bows to every single nail, I think it would look tacky.  I'd also wonder how the person didn't yank her hair out with all of those bows lol.

Re: 3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

I really like the look for special occasions!  I think "less is more" in this circumstance, and you NAILED IT (lol, pun)


A single accent nail is great, but I don't like it when I see it on every nail. 

Re: 3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

My friend did some bow art on me a bit ago, its so cute! I like the trend, it didn't last too long though;/


<3 Melissa

Re: 3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

Those are adorable, melissabt!  The rhinestones and bows work amazingly well with that polish.  On my laptop, it looks like a pinkish nude shade?


Re: 3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

Aww thank you Kimmi! He did a great job with themSmiley Happy It was a frosty pink shade (I forgot the color we used) since it was a few months ago. He painted over the bows with clear polish. It stayed a few hours. I think some sort of nail glue might be better.

<3 Melissa

Re: 3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

i think its really cute, i'd love to try it.

Re: 3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

I love 3D nail art but it's pretty time consuming and Ive had problems with having the art last and stay on! Smiley Happy I actually decided to just put on a whole press on nail that already had the art stuck on! Maybe a bit less creative but it was still fun and easier to type with just one or two nails done up.


On that note, I just hit my nail into my desk accidentally and broke it down to the skin. WAH Smiley Sad 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: 3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

So cute!  I like that it's just an accent and doesn't overwhelm your whole style. Beauty is simplicity.

Re: 3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

It would definitely feel weird to apply gloves.  That's the exact reason why I'm not going to use the big 3D art pieces on my toes. It might look nice with flip flops or dressy sandals, but what If I want to wear socks and tennis shoes the next day? lol.  

Re: 3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

I had seen the trend/look years ago and about 3-4 years back when I was in Hawaii for my cousin's wedding I saw a salon advertising the service and took advantage!


I loved seeing the technique and procedure to create the bead of acrylic and the nail specialist form flowers, shapes, and the Hello Kitty heads! She had so many colors of acrylic powder to work with!


They stayed on for close to two weeks, I was very impressed, they were super adorable and did an excellent job! I think this type of look is great for splurges and for fun, but once it gets too layered and heavy looking it's not only impractical, but also too cluttered looking, especially when there's also crazy length, patterns and designs painted, gems, pearls, and glitter added....too much is just too much sometimes.


P.S. Kimmi, I LOVE the color of that polish!

Re: 3D Nail Art - Thoughts?

I love this look!  The bows would get caught on everything, but it's adorable.

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