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What is the 15-Minute Eyebrow Session Like?

Hey all! Kinda new to the site (but not new to makeup). Anyway, I love makeup and all, but it's still sort of awkward going in store and asking for help with some things. Something that really caught my interest was the 15-minute eyebrows option. I love this idea because brows are next to falsies in stuff that I really suck at. 

 Anywho, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the results you get from the 15-minute brow session? I'm asking because I am super interested in this but don't want to have to wipe the brow makeup off when I face my family*.





*I'm trans but not out yet unfortunately.

Re: What is the 15-Minute Eyebrow Session Like?

It's mostly then showing you products that will work for you and the proper way to shape them.  I can understand how it might be awkward to go in (I have rosacea and always feel self-conscious about being in their store without makeup on) but seriously it is not a problem.  If you are concerned about there being other people in the store, you can always call your store and see if they recommend any specific time to come in where it's not normally busy.  Not foolproof as shopping schedules always vary, but it's at least worth a shot. 

They should ask you at the start of the session what type of eyebrow look you're going for, but if they don't, just let them know you're going for super natural.  At least in my experience they have always been really understanding with what I"m looking for and not going crazy with something else.  And really, worst case scenario is that you have to wipe it off but you have the knowledge for later (if you want to learn how to do a more dramatic shape for example).

Luck and love to you during your journey. 🙂 

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