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Soft Glam or Hard Glam?

Hey everyone! Totally new here! 🤣


So I got a question for you boys! What look do you prefer when it comes to how you do your eyes?


A soft glam (a lovely, natural glow) or hard glam (fun with high pigment)?


I wanna see some looks! 


Bonus points for anyone who has tips for people who have hazel-green eyes that know some good eyeshadow colors to make the green stand out more? ✍️

Re: Soft Glam or Hard Glam?

@ConstantineRA Not a boy, so I'll skip straight to the hazel-green eyes question! Using warm reddish bronzes, rose golds, or plummy purples can enhance green.


It's basic colour theory where opposing colours look more vibrant when viewed adjacently. For these reason, colours opposite to each other are called complimentary colours. If you look at a colour wheel, you can see the opposite of green is red.




A split complimentary colour scheme involve colours adjacent to the complimentary colour, so in this case, you can see orange and violet are also able to give green a pop. 



Some examples



Re: Soft Glam or Hard Glam?

Thank you for your reply! 😍

I have used colors in the red family, my all-time favorite collection of them actually in an eyeshadow palette by Violet Voss called Sakura! I actually used 4 colors and a shimmery top coat shadow with additional glitter for a look I did for Christmas!


But I actually didn't know that bronzes could help enhance hazel-green eyes! I haved stayed away from bronzes because of my complexion! I guess I've really been missing out then... ‌💦


Do you have a suggestion for an orange-y shadow or a palette/mini palette for me to use in addition to the high pigment look? I usually use palettes by Violet Voss, Melt, Urban Decay and Tarte. I am also loyal to Anastasia. Any brand is fine except KVD.

I don't upload my looks here, but I really like my eyes having a matte finish! ‌😊


Edit: I added a list of a couple of specific palettes (and a mascara) I keep finding myself relying on!


Re: Soft Glam or Hard Glam?

@ConstantineRA You're most welcome! Also, if you tag me with an @ and my name, I'll get a notification 🙂


For matte-only warm palettes, you said you liked Urban Decay... have you tried Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Naked Petite Heat? All mattes 🙂 Though it's more neutral than what you're looking for perhaps? There's still enough warmth to give a decent pop.




For something brighter/redder, there's Urban Decay Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette 12 x 0.038 oz/ 1.1 g 


The reddest Anastasia I can think of is Modern Renaissance but not sure if it's still for sale here since I can't get it to tag.



Natasha Denona Mini Sunset Eyeshadow Palette Mini Sunset Eyeshadow Palette is also pretty warm. The full size is expensive but it's also great for hazel eyes.






Re: Soft Glam or Hard Glam?



Will do!


Anyway, thank you so, so much! I will heart the ones I can on the app! Much love! 💖


Anyways! Which do you prefer? Got a favorite soft or hard glam look? 🙂

Re: Soft Glam or Hard Glam?

@ConstantineRA You're most welcome! I'm a softie when it comes to eyes though I am partial to glitter 😄 I love really graphic eyeliner too. Hope you find a really good palette that works for you ❤️

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