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Mens makeup beginner

hey everyone! I'm a male college student  new to the makeup world (obviously lol) and I've been trying to find makeup products (mostly in drugstores) and ive been getting tips from youtubers. So far i feel like a fish out of water. I've been wearing makeup for 2 months now to film videos for my school and i get a lot of feedback concerning my make up lol. I do it myself cause i film from my dorm and the comments always says i look really cakey lol I dont mind it. 


The products i have so far loreal true match foundation and the powder , macs studio finish concealer and i just bought maybellines fit me concealer cause i thought it wouldnt make me cakey. I apply moisturizer everday in the morning and at night and i exfoliate 3 times a week. I apply everything with my fingers by tapping it across my face. I dont pack it on i just do one layer of the foundation. I also have a little bit of scars from old zits and ive been trying to cover them up with the mac concealer but its too cakey on my face. I was seeing if anyone can give me some tips and recommendations on product.  I dont mind the expensive stuff but i would prefer drug store makeup since its easier on my college budget lol.

Are there any better concealers and foundations out there tat can help with a less cakey look than the stuff im using? 


I'm wanting to get a more natural look so no one notices i wear makeup and if i feel less frustrated i may plan on wearing makeup to classes and parties lol

Thanks for reading and hope to hear from some of you Smiley Happy

RE: Mens makeup beginner

Here's a tip, get yourself a Beauty Blender sponge, wet it with cool water, squeeze the excess water out, dot foundation around your facewith your finger and use the wet Beauty Blender to smooth it across your skin in smooth strokes. You'll be amazed by how much this will keep you from looking cakey. /// You should also exfoliate before make-up application a few times a week. So, wash your face, exfoliate, rinse really, really well and then moisturize. Let your moisturizer sit for 10 min, blot off the excess with a tissue and use the Beauty Blender as described above for your foundation. /// Think less is more when using foundation. Start with a small amount doted around your face and if you need a little more, dot a little more in the area where you need more coverage. Don't pour foundation directly onto the sponge (like ever) as it will soak it up and waste your product and make you look cakey. Just use your fingertip to dot the product directly onto your skin and blend with the wet sponge. /// A good exfoliating product can be found at the drugstore, think Neutrogena. If you want to splurge, Murad's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser can't be beat. - Hope that helps.

Re: Mens makeup beginner

A good primer is key.  Honesty the ELF primer is pretty good if you are on a tight budget.  I forgot to pack a primer while on a business trip band picked it up on a whim.  It worked pretty well.  I also use the Real Techniques brush to apply my foundation as well as an egg shaped sponge. Good luck!

Re: Mens makeup beginner

Totally agree on the need for a good primer, and I find that for my oily skin mineral powder foundation is a Godsend since it offers buildable coverage so you can go from daytime subtle to party time wow with minimal effort! 

What kind of videos are you making? Are they on Youtube? Hope you find great success in college and beyond!

Re: Mens makeup beginner

I second the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush $10 at Ulta.


Also at Ulta I loooove the tarte 12 hour BB primer $34. It's a primer, BB cream, and pore filler in one. I don't like to wear much make-up when I go to work (hospital) and this truly gives a flawless finish... covers any redness, doesn't look cakey, fills in my large pores/covers my blackheads and acne marks... amazing. SPF 30 too if you decide to wear it out. Definitely moisturize under it. It has a nice satin finish. Alternatively I heard the Garnier BB cream is great and they have one for normal to dry and normal to oily I believe, where as I'd recommend the tarte one for normal to oily since it can emphasize dry spots. I like the Tarte line since its got less nasties than other brands. No parabens or anything like that which I have discovered break me out Smiley Sad.


As for concealer, the MAC pro longwear one is amazing. A lot of youtubers use it which is why I bought it but I wonder if your other mac one is nice? This one is in a little pump bottle and is fairly liquid-y.


As for setting powder I like the bareMinerals ready translucent setting powder but Rimmel's has a cult following! You can get this at Ulta as well. Put this on with a big fluffy brush. If you only need it in your T-zone just put it there no need to do the whole face.


I think you'd probably be fine with a nice BB cream and concealer vs foundation! Hopefully it would reduce the heaviness/# products used and cakiness.

Re: Mens makeup beginner

Sounds like you're doing a lot of things right in terms of skincare! One suggestion I would have is to apply a primer before foundation. It will smooth out your skin and make a nice canvas for the make-up.

A lot of us like the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer:

The Hourglass one is on the expensive side. Smashbox also has some decent primers, like this one:


Hope that helps! Smiley Happy

Re: Mens makeup beginner

My two suggestions: PRIMER and BRUSH. A great primer will prime your skin for foundation. I really like Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. Yes, it's pricey, but I find you only need one pump for your whole face. My first bottle lasted me about a half a year! And the stuff makes even drugstore foundation look like Diorskin for me, lol.


For a cheaper primer option, try Neutrogena Healthy Skin Primer or NYX Pore Filler. Both of those are around 13 bucks each, I think.


Now, a good brush will allow you achieve a much more natural finish. You don't have to spend a lot for a good brush. Sonia Kashuk at Target and Ecotools (which you can get at Ulta) both make pretty good brushes at a very affordable price point!


Good luck!

Re: Mens makeup beginner

Theres so many brushes out there i dont know which is good for a foundation lol and thanks for the reply!Smiley Happy 

Re: Mens makeup beginner

Everyone has their own personal preferences and budget constraints, so Google can be your best friend when you have a ton of options! If you have some spare time to read, looking up something like "foundation brush types" will give you lots of articles and blog posts people have written about the different shapes of brushes, what they are best used for and how. I think everyone applies their foundation a little bit differently, but ideally you want to apply it in a very thin layer to your face and then if you still need more coverage, apply more to the areas that need it and work up gradually to avoid that cakey look. The other biggest thing to remember is blend, blend, blend! If you have a blemish and need more coverage in that area, you want to avoid it looking like you just smudged extra makeup on there. I don't know if you have ever put up drywall/sheetrock, but maybe that's an analogy you can relate to. When you want to cover a seam where two sheets meet, you apply the mud to that spot, but you also spread it outwards as well, to help smooth it all out evenly, and then sand it all down to an even finish. It's kind of the same idea with foundation, if that helps you any!



Re: Mens makeup beginner

If you're shopping at Target or Ulta for a brush, they're usually pretty clearly labeled. Sonia Kashuk has a couple of different options, all within the $11-15 price range. They should say "foundation brush." The Sonia Kashuk brushes are generally considered the best buy for your money!


Even cheaper but also good is the Eco Tools flat foundation brush, which is about 6 bucks!

Re: Mens makeup beginner

My fave face brush from the drugstore (and even beating some high end) is Real Techniques Expert Face Brush $9.99. You can find them at Ulta, Fred Meyer, and I think some Walmarts are carrying now too. I recommend them to everyone, if only I got paid for referrals...hahaha

Re: Mens makeup beginner

Also, you can find affordable primers at Sephora as well. Smashbox offers a mini version for $10


Full Size Sephora Collection Primer $15


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