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Men Who Makeup Shouldn’t be Harassed.

I'm not sure why some people assume it is only for women, but in truth, it makes no difference. To be completely honest, cosmetics is only used by one person to make themself feel attractive and at ease with their own body. It has absolutely nothing to do with gender.



I mention this because a few days ago I noticed a bunch of men going about their business while wearing cosmetics. They were yelled at by a woman who said that because they were guys, they ought to act like "real men" and stop acting like children. She said that she thought that women alone should be allowed to apply makeup. My fury was boiling, but I realized there was nothing I could do to the women, so I tried to console those who had been yelled at. I made the decision to argue, but the woman had already left. I really hope the men are ok. ❤️
As a makeup community, I hope  that the men who are struggling can feel our support. 

Re: Men Who Makeup Shouldn’t be Harassed.

Sadly, there is a bit of a double standard when it comes to cosmetics. I’ve gone into Sephora before as my male self with legitimate questions about finding the right products for my needs, only to be brushed aside by the employee that was called in to help. I have also met some amazing employees who have also gone above and beyond to help me out, so there are some people out there that respectful of men who are into cosmetics. I find that I get more help and attention when I go presenting as female. 
And thank you for checking in one the group of guys. It’s those small gestures that can diffuse crappy encounters like that.

Re: Men Who Makeup Shouldn’t be Harassed.

@Mareii Sorry you had to experience that.  I think if it makes you feel beautiful then you should wear makeup.  I have seen men at beauty counters with makeup on and I always try to give them a compliment.  They always know how to rock a look.  I wish I had that confidence to pull any look off.

Re: Men Who Makeup Shouldn’t be Harassed.

Indeed, some people are self-assured because that is what they enjoy and feel comfortable doing! You don't have to do it, though, if you don't feel comfortable. You are stunning in any case!

Re: Men Who Makeup Shouldn’t be Harassed.

@Mareii Aww thank you!  

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