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Just want it to work

The title may be a little misleading but here goes. I’m in my 50’s so ya I get that I’m a little late in the game. I’ve wanted to wear makeup since I was in my teens when

I had wanted to be a fashion designer or makeup artist. My brother nixed that.
I watch YouTube videos keeping in mind I have combination to oily skin. I buy products and they just don’t look any good. I dont really know how to properly match and I’m a little afraid to do a swatch in the store. Are you allowed?.
I’ve had some good luck with drawbacks. For instance, Charlotte Tilburys Flawless Filter I got for a Sephora birthday pick. I love it. The shade works but it’s very glowy. I tried one of the dupes for it but I like Charlottes better. I was recommended powder by a drugstore tech and that has toned down the glowyness. I went undetected and was quite happy with my appearance as we were doing holiday pictures.
I now get what women go through trying to find what works for them. I’d be fine paying for something that works, stays put, looks good etc… but knowing that some makeup can cause problems and some have, or just not do what it says it does like eyeliner staying put, I’m starting to get cheap and buy the least expensive items and I guess I get what I pay for. Or do I? 

I don’t feel like it’s vanity that I want to wear makeup because I’m not really like that. Ok I want to look nice but I can take it or leave it. It’s just a desire to wear.  I like change and enhancement, fun and choice. I don’t like being put in a box. Take men’s clothing for instance. For decades we’ve been inundated with drab and little choice. I will be the first one to walk by a women’s clothing store and see something that I would rock as a straight guy not a crossdresser and go in and buy it. I just feel like men don’t have enough clothing choices offered to them. So I make more choices by checking out women’s offerings. Women wear men’s clothing. What’s the diff?  
Which brings us back to makeup. Men’s makeup companies want to promote the ‘no makeup look’ and I get that. It’s more appealing to the majority of men that are curious to try makeup. It softens the blow so to speak.
For me,I don’t mind wearing makeup and it being detectable as long as it’s tasteful and not over the top. I’m no Adam Lambert by any stretch of the word although I would love to see what an artist could do for me along the lines of his style of makeup but I wouldn’t continue to be over the top like that. What I want is just subtle, barely if at all detectable and makeup that works. 
Clearly I need help. I know that much.

Where and how do I start over? I’m pretty sure I need a pore filling primer because whatever foundation I wear makes my pores very visible. That much I know. Help! Where do I start?

Re: Just want it to work

@AndyGlam462 Don’t be afraid to ask Sephora advisors for help. Most are good and willing to help. I’ve asked for help with shade matching so many times for foundation, concealer, blush. And yes, swatch away! Sephora was actually designed with that in mind. It’s pricey but you can try before you buy. You can even ask for samples to take home before you fully commit.


I’m gender fluid and I’m now starting to allow both my masc and femme sides blend together. While my no-makeup makeup routine has a place, I’m expanding beyond that and using shimmer, colour, whatever I feel like. Just the other day, I wore a bright red lipstick to the mall. Most of my clothes were from the women’s section. If that’s what you want, go for it!




For your pores, don’t underestimate the power of good skincare. Eliminating your pores completely is impossible, but keeping your pores clear can help minimize them. Cleansers with AHA and BHA can help with that. Any gunk that settles in your pores can stretch them out and make them more obvious. Keeping skin hydrated can help too, even if you have an oily skin type. And a good skincare routine can also double as a primer. 

Re: Just want it to work


For me, the best thing was to call up my local Sephora. I asked the worker in the phone if that Sephora is welcoming to male shoppers, and almost all Sephora’s are. She recommended me to book a Beauty Lesson. It costs $75 and it saved me from foundation that’s half blended out and 5 shades too dark. The advisor I worked with was extremely friendly and took into account my preferences and skin type. Sephora employees are some of the most kindhearted people I meet, and will help you find what’s best, no matter your skin tone, gender, or anything else. For me it’s completely easy to go to a Sephora or Ulta location and swatch anything, I live in an extremely conservative southern area, and no body has ever said anything or judged me.

Tl;dr: No one will judge you at Sephora, and if you want to learn makeup you should book a beauty lesson

Re: Just want it to work

Thank you for this. I’ve been wanting to go in to one of the local stores if only to see what the vibe is like with a guy walking around there and to see if I could at least get a colour match.  A makeup session would be awesome. 


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