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Have any tips for gluing down your eyebrows?

I'm dressing up as a drag wicked witch in the west for halloween. And I'm planning on gluing down my brows, but I've only done it one time before and it was a nightmare. My eyebrows are really thick so it was hard to get them completely glued down, does anyone have any tips?

Have any tips for gluing down your eyebrows?

Idk about much about using a glue stick aside from knowing people do it. A tip I picked up is using Bumble and Bumble Sumo Wax on the brows. I've got very thick brows too and this has worked for me

Re: Have any tips for gluing down your eyebrows?

Use a glue stick it works really well you just need to put face powder over it so your eyebrows look like they're not there.

Re: Have any tips for gluing down your eyebrows?

@dyslexiawas spot on. Here's a link.


I hope it works! If you feel like it, would love to see a pic of you in costume!

Re: Have any tips for gluing down your eyebrows?

@AddyGrace  What are you using to glue them down with? If you're not onto the hot tip of using glue stick -- yes, the stuff from the office supply store, then definitely use that. It is miles better than any other product Ive tried even theatrical makeup lines). Not just any, gotta be the Elmers one that is purple in the tube (Elmers Extra Strength I think). The purple colour of the glue dries down to clear, so you'll know if it's totally dry.


To apply, comb the hairs downwards with a spoolie (disposable, it's gonna get gummed up), put on a fairly thick layer of glue against the grain of your hairs, then brush back up with the glue in them and as flat as you can get them. Smooth another layer of glue on top of that for a flat surface and let dry. Set with powder and repeat with additional thin layers of glue and powder until they are fully covered and you're ready to put full coverage concealer and foundation over allllll that to erase your brows fully.


Do use setting spray. UD All Nighter is best or strong hold hairspray, which is what a LOT of professional queens use. (Cover your actual eyes if you hit it with hairspray.) Oh, and when you set the glue with powder, press it in, don't just dust it on. The powder will help fill in any small bumps or gaps. Also be sure to really really smooth things out with every layer, especially at the edges so it does not peel up. Don't use any fancy primer under your glue, it'll make it slide off/peel/crumble. If your brow hairs are also dark toned, use an orange tint in your concealer to colour-correct for that. I also cannot stress again the importance of patience and letting each layer dry fully. Failing to do so will result in bad things. Sit in front of a fan or use a hairdryer on cool setting to help things along if you need to.


If you have tried the purple glue stick and it didn't work, try Pros-Aide (theatrical makeup). I know some people swear by it and even though I usually recommend glue stick, use whatever works for you. 😉

P.S.  I know, I'm a girl answering this not a dude who has done drag, but I've spent many years in backstage environments with queens, have befriended them and have helped them get ready. If you have any other drag makeup questions, feel free to post here and @ me.

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