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Dragon Ball Super's 17 Cosplay Make up

Hey guys! 🙂


First post here - and it's about cosplay make up.


I wanted to know if any of you has an idea regarding '' battle damage '' inspired look? As you can see on this photo, I have a few '' dark scratches '' made with black mascara.


Do you guys think it could be improved by using something else during a photoshoot? I want them to pop a tiny bit more.


Thank you! 🙂


Capture d’écran 2018-08-02 à 22.10.27.png

Re: Dragon Ball Super's 17 Cosplay Make up

Eeeee! Before I ever got into "girl" makeup, I studied "monster" makeup -- thank you, D. Smith!! (D. Smith was an Academy Award-winning makeup artist who taught all the best zombie-makeup artists... AND my dad! Smith used to publish monster magazines and stuff like that, and when my dad died when I was a kid I inherited all his grease paints and magazines, and that was my start!) (BTW, all "zombie makeup" is the same thing as "contouring," it turns out. Just apply less than required to look dead, hahahaha.)

The easiest way to create a scar on your skin is by painting a product called "non-flexible collodion." It tightens up the skin to create a fake scar. But it's kinda subtle. Add a bit of pink-red color with a fine-tipped brush, and you have a real-looking scar! I don't know about your anime, but you could darken up the same scar, I guess!


Another cool, maybe even better thing is "ear, nose, and scar wax," preferably the stuff by Ben Nye -- or at least that's what I used at your age. Movie-makeup quality! But... it probably won't match your skin tone. SO! Apply a small wad to your face, using spirit gum to stick it down. Now, sculpt the shape of a little hill. Use your fingers to "blend" the wax into your skin, and then create scars with a toothpick. Cover all your skin with a foundation layer of makeup and follow up with a thin dusting of transluscent powder -- all over.

Now paint the scar with cotton-pink lip color (and a dark brown color "in the deep part of the valley" of the scar, if that is important to the anime). One last dusting of transluscent powder with a kabuki brush, and now a layer of spray over the entire face, using Mehron, ideally.

P.S. Don't even try to teach your friends how you accomplished your makeup. I am 36, and 18 years ago I brought all my stuff to school and taught my fellow art-class students how to make scars... and, by the end of day, all my stuff had been stolen. Those dummies thought they could do everything if they just had the materials, and that is NOT true. I did film-quality makeup in college, but it really sucked that I had to buy everything again. To this day I feel like that held me back from actually doing SFX as an adult. So, if you get this figured out, DO NOT let your "friends" steal from you, ok? It's just too demoralizing, and you'll hate yourself for being too trusting when you're 36. Forget them.

Re: Dragon Ball Super's 17 Cosplay Make up

Oh, P.P.S. By "D Smith" I mean "Richard Smith," but Sephora won't let me post his actual name. D i c k Smith? Hahahaha. He innovated a lot of great stuff you can see in the movie The Exorcist, for which he finally won the Academy Award. He did a lot of great stuff with, like, flour and glycerin. Directors were like "make me some special effects!" and he was like "ok let me check my kitchen"

Re: Dragon Ball Super's 17 Cosplay Make up

@JJTargaryenFirst of all welcome, and second of all I would probably use an eyeliner so that you can smudge it out a bit too, to create a bit more of depth

Re: Dragon Ball Super's 17 Cosplay Make up

If you are going for dirt, I would smudge the makeup more, but if you are trying to give the effect of getting grazed or wounded, there are a lot of YouTube tutorials, especially the Halloween ones for a realistic look. Good luck!

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