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Bad experience on Facebook

6D910ACC-F965-4788-8169-0872096CEA03.jpegHi Everyone,


I had a bad experience in a makeup related Facebook group. I posted a photo of my face and asked how my eyebrows looked and how to enhance them. Even though a lot of the ladies there were supportive a small group of them accused me posting my photo as a joke and that I was there just to creep on the ladies and to waste their time. I did none of that and I just a man interested in learning how to apply makeup. Needless to say I was hurt and offended by the disrespectful comments. 

This whole incident has me questioning if I am a weirdo and that my interest in makeup is wrong. This type of incident is why I am afraid to go to Sephora and get a makeover. This whole thing is making me sad and unhappy

Re: Bad experience on Facebook

@Andy1087, you shouldn’t have a problem going into a Sephora and ask them for help with your eyebrows. I’ve found most of the people in Sephora were professionals, helpful, and welcoming. 

Re: Bad experience on Facebook

Hello! So sorry you had a bad experience. Sephora licensed makeup artists are usually trained to work with lots of different people with different makeup goals. You could always try to call the store to ask about a service for brows (or full face) and tell them about what you’re interested in, and ask whether they have experience working with men/someone who wants to learn. You can also google “men’s basic eyebrow grooming” or “simple eyebrow tutorial” and you should get lots or results. 

I think the easiest thing for someone just starting out with brows is a gel in a light shade, with it’s own tube and spoolie applicator that coats the brow hairs you have, which helps give a little more shape without needing to know where to put pencil. 

Perhaps the Kosas Air Brow Tinted Clean Volumizing Eyebrow Gel Taupe or SEPHORA COLLECTION Volumizing Fiber Brow Gel 01 Blonde 


Given your coloring, you could probably use colors called taupe, blonde, medium or dark blonde, or soft brown in gels or pencils. It takes some trial and error to get the shades right but if you start lighter you’ll get an idea. Or, in store, they should be able to match you. Sephora Collection brand is lower cost but high quality which makes it great for beginners. Hope this helps! @Andy1087 

Re: Bad experience on Facebook

@Andy1087 I am sorry you had a bad experience on Facebook.


For eyebrow advice Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Brow Wiz® Ultra-Slim Precision Brow Pencil and an eyeshadow 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color.  I have barely there brows and have used both to create definition for my brows.

Re: Bad experience on Facebook

I'm sorry you had a bad experience that left you questioning yourself. @Andy1087 Not everyone out there will be understanding or supportive. But if you can, try not to take the negative people's comments to heart. 🩵


I think a stranger's comments can dig deep, but at the end of the day, they are strangers that don't know you. So you can ask yourself, how much is that opinion really worth? I hope you can say, that what they have to say isn't a reflection of you, but more a reflection of themselves. 


I think at the end of the day that FB group isn't a supportive place. 


If you want to wear makeup I hope you can. Watching how to lessons on You Tube can be helpful, there's a lot out there. You can book lessons at Sephora and some have male makeup artists if that makes you more comfortable.

I found makeup in the beginning is a lot of trial and error. Be kind to yourself, learning takes time. 🩷

Re: Bad experience on Facebook

@Andy1087 I second what @CynthieLu said. Only you know your own experiences and only you can really speak to your own truth. Others can only assume and sometimes they assume wrong. Don’t let it get to your head! One bad experience doesn’t mean all others will be like that.


If you want to enhance your eyebrows, you can always look at getting them waxed, plucked, or threaded. Lots of guys do it for a cleaner look. I happily get them done in boy-mode and no one has ever bat an eyelid when I get them done. The technician I see has become a friend and it’s always fun to chat and catch up whenever we see each other. 

If you want to enhance them with makeup @SportyGirly125 has given some great recommendations. If you want something budget friendly, SEPHORA COLLECTION Retractable EyeBrow Pencil - Waterproof is my usual pencil. 

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