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Afraid to go to Sephora for help

I really want to go to a Sephora store to get help with my makeup but I am afraid to. I am so worried that someone will pass judgment on me and/or have an issue with a man getting makeup applied in the store 

Re: Afraid to go to Sephora for help

I started going to Sephora after attending an event that Sephora had a great presentation.  I  got a few makeovers at a couple of their locations and I was very satisfied. 

Re: Afraid to go to Sephora for help

That’s a legitimate fear for anyone who’s publicly testing the waters, but Sephora is about the safest place you can go to get non judgemental makeup advice.  You will often find many male hires completely glammed up and ready to help.  My local Sephora has male employees and they are very makeup savvy and have offered some game changing advice.  Obviously that would make things more comfortable but there may not always be. 

I would book an appointment and go in for a makeover.  it’s no one’s business what it’s for right?  You could be a theatre kid for all anyone  knows. Fib if it makes you feel more safe and comfortable but know you likely won’t have to. 
most makeup artists have seen the entire spectrum of makeup wearers and are quite welcome and open minded. They are generally open to anyone wanting to exert self expression.  
If you don’t want to wear it outside the store, it’s makeup and completely washable with some makeup wipes.  


Re: Afraid to go to Sephora for help

@Andy1087 I'm sure it varies by store and by location but from what I've seen on here, other BICers have had good experiences. @JoSometimes did you do a class if I recall? If you're feeling insecure, I would try going in the morning on a week day. It's more likely to be empty and I'm sure they'll be happy to help you and answer all your questions. You can also book a beauty lesson ($75) through

Re: Afraid to go to Sephora for help

What is a BICer?

Re: Afraid to go to Sephora for help

@Andy1087 That’s what we call ourselves here! We’re all part of BIC: Beauty Insider Community 

Re: Afraid to go to Sephora for help

@makeitup305 Thanks for the tag! I did attend a class but that one was virtual.


@Andy1087 I have been to Sephora many times as my male self to shop for makeup, get tips, and get shade matched for foundation and concealer. I love that Sephora is set up as a safe space to explore that. Most of the advisors have been very respectful and helpful. If you want to have makeup application services or lessons, you can ask that they be done in a quieter part of the store. If you do go, I would love to hear about your experience if you’re willing to share!


If you want more privacy to explore makeup, I would suggest speaking with local makeup studios. I have seen some where they have private rooms for lessons or application, so you can enjoy your time without the public looking in. 

Re: Afraid to go to Sephora for help

@JoSometimes @Andy1087  A lot of salons have private makeup lessons or you can even find a local makeup artist and private book them to teach you application skills.  

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