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is the too faced 3 in 1 hangover primer worth it for all 3?

hi all, im new to makeup so i've never used a primer or a setting spray...ever. not even as a sample. i have however been watching youtube and videos of setting sprays and how primers are very affective and since i'm planning on going for a sephora haul now that my makeup game has changed, i do need a primer and a setting spray. since too faced is my favourite brand and i only shop cruelty free, the 3 in 1 hangover seems promising. it is a bit pricy but i don't mind paying 40-50 for a good primer and setting spray. notice the keyword here is "good". i have very dry skin and gross flakey spots so i hear great reviews from not only sephora and youtube, but other websites as well. i have no doubt it will do the job for a setting spray or freshing mist, but what about the primer? will it really hydrate my bare skin after i do my regular face clean up? would it really work as a primer and allow my foundation (also too faced) to be applied well? please give me some insights as to how this primer piece will work on my dry skin. otherwise, i'm thinking of buying the too faced hangover primer (the cream) alongside it. 

RE: is the too faced 3 in 1 hangover primer worth it for all 3?

Primer works really well! I love the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer The best! It helps smoothen out the makeup for a better finish. I don’t know if that answered your question or not but it’s a recommendation. The set your asking about I have tried and it’s not my favorite at all! Obviously that’s my opinion.
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