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Wrapped 2023: Your Beauty Year in Review

Lots of places are doing their "year in review" (usually with music, but I've seen some others too!), so I thought it would be fun if we did a BIC Beauty Wrapped 😊 


I personally draw a lot of inspiration (and sometimes enabling) from the Community, and would love to see everyone's beauty wrapped! I've come up with a few categories, but feel free to add and skip over ones that don't apply to you!




  • Your Top 3 Brands This Year (this can be divided into categories, like skincare, makeup, haircare and fragrance, or you can do an overall ranking!)
  • Top 3 Most Used Product Types (mascara, fragrance, liquid blush, hair masks, etc)
  • Top 3 Most Used Products
  • Top 3 Most Repurchased Items
  • Top "BIC Made Me Do It" Product
  • Number of Empties (if you track that sort of thing!)
  • Top New Product of 2023
  • Top 3 Beauty Trends You Participated In
  • Top Re-Entry Product (something you maybe haven't used in a while, but has been rediscovered and re-added to your rotation!)



Re: Wrapped 2023: Your Beauty Year in Review

I'll start with mine for this year!


Top 3 Brands This Year

  1. Patrick Ta - I really got into the brand this year, and have not had any misses with any of his products yet!
  2. MAC - I've always been a fan of MAC, but didn't realize just how much I had and regularly used in my collection until I went through it
  3. First Aid Beauty - same as MAC, I have been a fan for a long time, but since having to switch up my skincare routine this year, I really have been using a TON of their products


Top 3 Most Used Product Types

  1. Body Oils (current fave is the Caudalie Moisturizing Fig Body Oil Elixir 3.4 oz / 100 ml )
  2. LIp Liner (the heaviest in my rotation right now is between Rimmel Lasting Finish Liner in 90s Nude and MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil Cork )
  3. Concealer (I'm sad it's discontinued because I really love the tarte SEA Power Flex™ Full Coverage Vegan Concealer - i bought minis and FS backups when they first went on sale!)


Top 3 Most Used Products (I define this as most consistent usage, even if I didnt need to repurchase this year)

  1. KILIAN Paris Princess Eau de Parfum 
  2. Essence Lash Princess Mascara
  3. Milani Cheek Kiss Liquid Blush in Wine Glow


Top 3 Most Repurchased Items

  1. Evereden Golden Belly Stretch Mark Serum 1.7 oz/ 50 mL - went through at least 3 of these already!
  2. COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Anti-Frizz Treatment 
  3. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair® Cream Intense Hydration 


Top "BIC Made Me Do It" Product - I've been in and out of the BIC this year, but a Community favourite that I absolutely adore is the KILIAN Paris Angels Share Eau De Parfum . I wore it as my wedding perfume in February of this year!


Number of Empties (if you track that sort of thing!) - I don't count foils or samples in my empties, but to date, i've finished 76 products (most have been FS!)


Top New Product of 2023 - Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Silky Moisturizer with Double Dose Hyaluronic Acid 1.7 oz / 50 mL . I think this actually might have been repurchased as much as my ColorWOW or Ultra Repair.... I love this moisturizer. It feels so nice on the skin, and i really notice the next morning on days where i didnt use it at night. I've been trying to incorporate more hyaluronic acid this year, as my skin was feeling soooo parched all year round. This has been in my rotation since it launched earlier this year, and i cant see myself replacing it with anything else anytime soon!


Top 3 Beauty Trends You Participated In

  1. Tinted lip balms with liner. I'm a big gloss fan, and love how wearable this trend is, especially in the colder months when my lips need extra hydration. The SC balms and glosses are so underrated for this!
  2. Cold/sunburnt blush. I'm obsessed with blush, and love the "over-blushed, take it across the nose" looks. I've been experimenting with shades that i typically wouldnt wear (like the cooler toned pinks), and have been having a lot of fun playing with new products! I'm obsessed with the ROSE INC Cream Blush Refillable Cheek & Lip Color Camellia (any color really, the formula is amazing and i love how they can be refilled)
  3. Cream blush over powder. This is a Patrick Ta technique i saw on social media, and honestly, it would never have crossed my mind to put a cream OVER a powder, but the finished look is so glowy and beautiful!


Top Re-Entry Product - in an attempt at a low buy (anyone whos been following the haul threads for the last few months knows that the "low buy" didnt last the whole year), ive been working through some products i already had. Something i totally forgot i had, and actually ended up finishing is the HUDA BEAUTY Silk Balm Icy Cryo-Plumping Lip Balm Frost (mine was just a regular silk balm in the shade blush. have they been discontinued?). I remember liking the feel of this a lot when i originally got it, but hadnt thought of it till i recently rediscovered it! it was in pretty heavy rotation until i finished it!

Re: Wrapped 2023: Your Beauty Year in Review

@cianni I love Dreamcoat and FAB Ultra Repair as well, they're both amazing products.

Re: Wrapped 2023: Your Beauty Year in Review

@cianni this post has me thinking

Re: Wrapped 2023: Your Beauty Year in Review

@cianni First of all, love love love this thread idea thank you so much for making it. I already have a few ideas but I think I'll be back to update closer to the end of the year. 🙂 


I'm with you on body oils being the most used product type for me this year, always enjoyed them but completely went down a rabbit hole this year and I am absolutely loving every bit of it haha! Still have the Caudalie Fig on my loves list waiting to be tried out per your recommendation on my Body Oil thread a few months back ❤️ 

Re: Wrapped 2023: Your Beauty Year in Review

@cianni Great choices! I'm going to have to look up those last two trends.

Re: Wrapped 2023: Your Beauty Year in Review

@Samtian I know you’re a blush fan, so you’ll 

deeeeefinitely be a fan of the blush trends!! The cream after powder was a game changer To bring a little extra life to my face

Re: Wrapped 2023: Your Beauty Year in Review

Fun idea, and you really kicked it off well here. I'm fond of the over-blushed look too.

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