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What's a primer that goes well with Josie Maran A-Oil Foundation?

Okay, so I have dry combo skin... Dry and lots of texture around my mouth and nose area. I have been wanting to make the Josie Maran Argan Oil Foundation to work so bad for me. It always seems like I have a make up melt down every time I wear it, no matter how little or a lot I put. Though I always moisturize well, it always seems to accentuates my lines and looks so dry even though this is a dewy foundation. I have a feeling it's because I'm using the wrong primer. So far, I have only tried Hourglass Mineral Veil (mattifying) primer underneath. However, I feel like they are repelling from each other. I know that the HG Veil primer is a heavily silicone based primer so maybe oil and silicone just don't go well together? Please let me know if you've tried this foundation and which primer you have used to go well with this foundation. Also if you are someone who knows a little more chemistry, please help me understand what will go well and not go well with an foundation that is oil-based. Thank you!!!

Re: What's a primer that goes well with Josie Maran A-Oil Foundation?

Hey! I understand how terrible finding the perfect foundation routine is Smiley Sad moisterizer, primer, and foundation must always all be either oil or water based so that they work well together (oil and water together is not a good mix) I have never tried that foundation, but check the first ingredient (probably oil hence the name) and then look at your moisterizers and primer are the same. It could also be an exfoilation issue (your skincare is probably already goals but I find that exfoilating once or twice a week helps alot lol) and how are you setting/touching up your makeup? a dewy setting spray versus a mattifying powder makes a huge difference - you want to stay far away from anything matte since you have dry skin. I would try using a skin oil at night on the dry patches - like rose hip oil. You can get it at walmart or from the ordinary. And perhaps the foundation just isnt right for you . Everyones skin is different. Hope that helps and I really hope that it works out Smiley Happy!

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