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The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

By this point most of us have watched an anti-haul video (or a hundred) but I don't see a current anti-haul thread on the BIC and I think it could be fun to start a running "anti-consumerism" thread for a bit of a change. For those that aren't familiar with the term an anti-haul is listing off things you are NOT going to be adding to your cart for whatever reason that may be. Rather it's because you simply don't like the look of that new palette release or if you've been eyeing something for a while and are itching to buy it but you really know that you don't need it (or that you really shouldn't be buying it). I'm starting a no buy this month and I know many people are on a low/no buy so why not have some fun with our budgeting by dragging some products, helping talk ourselves out of the new product releases or old cult classic favorites that you "just had to try" by raving why we are not going to buy it! This is also the spot to voice why you simply aren't inspired by a product even if everyone else is rushing to add it to their cart. So, don't beat around the bush and share your anti-haul products 🙂



Some Ground "Rules":

  1. This is the place to be open and honest, don't tip-toe around the point because you think you might hurt some peoples feelings that enjoy a certain product. If you have strong opinions, let them out! (Example: The packaging is hideous and the product is overhyped!)
  2. Tell us why you are not interested in the product get as specific (or not) as you'd like but please do let us know why you aren't going to buy it. You may be helping someone else be talked out of a product as well 🙂 (Example: I already own 25 other lipsticks in a strikingly similar shade of mauve)
  3. If someone is anti-hauling and dragging a product you like, do not get offended. How boring would the world be if we all wanted/liked/bought the exact same things? Not everyone has the same taste, what is ugly to someone is gorgeous to someone else.
  4. Products are inanimate objects, please do not argue over disagreeing about products. The products feelings will not be hurt if it is anti-hauled or dragged by another BIC-er online and I'm sure plenty of people will go buy it. Not every product is for everyone, if you want to purchase a product go ahead and don't let anyone here stop you. Let's not argue about something as trivial as disagreements about makeup packaging, perfume scents or eyeshadow colors. It isn't worth it and we are all better than that. 
  5. Use this place as your soap box outlet and have lots of fun doing it! 🙂


Additional anti-consumerism support and threads:



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Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Anti-Haul Summer 2022PAT McGRATH LABS Mothership X Eyeshadow Palette: Moonlit Seduction





All The Details:

Y'all I'm not going to lie this is a flippin' beautiful, drop dead gorgeous and absolutely appealing palette to me. However, during the times when I'm on a no-buy I try my best to be a little bit less impulsive and a little bit more critical. When I first saw this drop heart eyes were flying everywhere, I currently own wayyy too many palettes and 0 from Pat McGrath-a brand I've been wanting to dip into for so, so long. I really thought this was going to be the one. Maybe not now during my no-buy but in the future... wrong. I really have to pause on the eyeshadow in general, I will maybe MAYBE allow myself to buy one eyeshadow palette for the rest of 2022 because I have so many that it's just not something I can continue to buy more of. I already have my eyes on a particularly pricey eyeshadow palette that calls my name more than this one despite of how tempting this gorgeous Pat McGrath palette is. It's gotten to the point where I almost feel guilty whenever I purchase a new eyeshadow palette, sad face. Unfortunately, this one is just not going to be mine and I'm coming to terms with that. Plus the $128 price tag is a bit much (although the palette I'm eyeing is a bit more than that 👀😬) but I feel like since I'm such a neutral-boring-brown-basic eyeshadow type of gal through and through, that I would likely only use half of this eyeshadow palette. I'm going to live vicariously through the BIC guys/gals that pick this up and am looking forward to seeing everyone's looks with this stunning palette. 


Note to Self: I want it, but I have to pass. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Anti-Haul Summer 2022: The Guerlain Ombres G Quad Eyeshadow Palettes (all of them...)

Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 1.40.35 PM.png



All The Details:

Oh Guerlain, how I love you. When I genuinely think of luxury one of the brands I instantly think of is Guerlain from their beautiful pearl-shaped eye catching highlighters to their gold flecked primers to their high end prices, how could anyone think otherwise? I love a good splurge item but is it just me or are these shades simply a bit... dated? Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful shades but I truly think I own multiples of every single shade offered in each quad they are releasing the summer/fall of 2022 in other palettes I own. This just feels a bit... disappointing, especially for a brand like Guerlain. The fact they included mini plastic sponge applicators and virtually non-usable mini brushes in the palette is also not my favorite aspect. For $85.00 is this anywhere near worth the price tag? Absolutely, positively not (in my opinion, of course. To each their own) There are just so many high-end brands that offer so much more in eyeshadow palettes for even less than $85. My huge viseart palettes that are filled with usable, wearable and great quality colors come with 12 shades for $80.00-this simply is a no from me. In general, I've always loved Guerlain products but their eyeshadow palettes were never something that caught my eye or grabbed my attention enough to purchase. Sigh

What do you think? Am I being too harsh? Will you be purchasing the Guerlain Quads, if so-which one(s)? 🙂


Note to Self: Spend the $85 elsewhere, sis. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline I won’t say otherwise to convince you to break no buy low buy as I’m overwhelmed with lots of my makeup junks that I love dear and near 😂🤣 I tried Guerlain eyeshadows here and there in the past but most of them are so so. These are actually solid. I got the blue quad and probably get the Silver one too. However I’m not sure this is a good marketing move. They could offer half the products for 2/3 the price and I can see these will sell liked hot cakes. But who knows what Guerlain strategy is. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@blackkitty2014 The blue quad is honestly most unique and appealing to me, so you made good choices 😛 ❤️ haha

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline I also will not be buying any. $85 for only 4 shades is a big nope for me. ...actually high price items are losing their appeal to me in general. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Samtian Yeah it's a bit much for me... four shadows just isn't enough. I'll stick to their other luxury goodies but the shadows are just not doing it for me at all.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Anti-Haul Winter 2022: Jaclyn Cosmetics




All The Details:
I used to watch Jaclyn Hill all the time back in the day, but I haven't seen her around or really felt the pull to watch her content in a long time (before the infamous hairy lipstick incident). I did love her collab with Becca for the Champagne Pop highlighter and I was happy that she re-launched her brand so that the most recent thing we remember from her won't forever be hairy lipsticks... yikes. I was open to this new brand (even though I'm really starting to get bored of the celebrity/influencer) brands but when I saw this dropping at ULTA I was pretty intrigued and was hoping to see some cool new products. However, nothing really caught my eye other than maybeee the highlighters. Most of the products have ~3 star averaging reviews on the ULTA site thus far which isn't promising. The reviews of this brand in general have been pretty rocky. I have enough highlighters and since that's the only thing that caught my eye I think I'm going to skip this one all together, at least for a while. Sorry Jaclyn...


Note To Self: Thank you. Next.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline I was actually really excited about her nude lipstick collection before all the drama. Nothing else has really caught my eye. I do have a mini highlight and I like it but not enough to go buy something else. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@makeitup305 The BECCA version or her new ones from the Jaclyn Cosmetics line. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline I've had both. Champagne Pop was actually my first expensive highlighter, although it was never my favorite once I had more. I had her face palette with Becca, as well, which was really nice. I now have a mini baked highlighter of her own brand. 




 it's the shade Iced. It's a peachy champagne and really nice. I dont think anyone needs to go run out and buy it, though.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@makeitup305 I own the champagne pop but usually like going with a lighter or pink highlighter instead. That shade actually looks pretty up my alley, how's the performance? I could be wrong but I think the ULTA reviews were a little less-than-stellar (3-3.5 stars if I'm remembering correctly). 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline I think it looks great if your skin is not set or if you use a spray over it, it melts in beautifully. On my dry skin, just by itself it's not as flattering.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@QueenMarceline. Ditto here. Frankly, I've no desire to purchase a famed vlogger product.

But Good for Jacyln to enjoy a degree of success in a crowded marketplace. I've heard her name but haven't watched her tutorials, etc. 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@MvLL There's a select few that peak my interest but unfortunately her product lineup just didn't do it for me.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread


Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@Margalee Definitely some awesome anti-hauls there. I feel you with perfumes, I already have a "must have" wish list for some I don't own and I really need to stay away from picking up more before I use some up. I currently have 3 scents/perfumes or sprays on my project pan this year. I'm skipping the Chanel craze (for now), their skin care stuff is usually far too perfume scented for my skin preferences as it is. 🙂 

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Anti-Haul Winter 2022: Too Faced Better Than Sex Eau de Parfum 
All The Details:
When I first heard about this dropping, I was intrigued... the notes sound quite lovely (taken from Fragrantica site: Top notes are Passionfruit, Citruses, Peach and Litchi; middle notes are Jasmine, Rose, Orchid and Magnolia; base notes are Musk, Patchouli, Amber, Sandalwood and Cedar). The bottle is also gorgeous (with one major flaw) but I absolutely adore the floral/girly aspect of this... it's right up my alley. However, this perfume only comes in a 3.3 fl oz size... this is quite strange for a "first time perfume" drop for a brand. I would like to sample this before I buy it, but to me... 3.3/3.4 fl oz bottles are strictly reserved for perfumes that I deeply love and I know will get used up within a few years. I have such a vast perfume collection that it's truly hard for me to go through everything... I'd get this in a 1 fl oz to sample and blind buy (maybe) but in a 3.3 fl oz?! That seems almost like breaking some sort of fundamental rule and what for? A cute floral bottle to sit on my perfume shelf? Kind of absurd when you put it that way. Furthermore, there isn't even a rollerball size? I'm sorry I'm simply perplexed at the fact Too Faced is forcing their fans/consumers to blindly purchase a gigantic bottle. Even if I loved this scent I would not make my first purchase of it to be in this gigantic size. I know not many people vibe with Too Faced these days, but they have a special place in my heart. They were one of the first brands teenage make-up obsessed me reached for many, many years ago. However, I'm not buying this and I have strong feelings about it. 

Carrying on, I understand why Too Faced called this product Better Than Sex. Inevitably they wanted cross-clicks from the popular cult-classic mascara when you typed in "better than sex" into a search engine, well played... however, did we really have to plaster this on this gorgeous bottle? Something about this feminine floral beautiful bottle having "BETTER THAN SEX" sprawled in it in big large letters definitely takes away from the aesthetic of this creation. Was this at all necessary? No... Most perfumes do not have the name of the individual fragrance sprawled on the front obnoxiously. Especially not perfumes that have beautiful bottle which stand out (like this one does), for example Carolina Herrera Good Girl doesn't have "GOOD GIRL" written anywhere on the gorgeous shoe-perfume bottle because it doesn't have to. Everyone knows exactly what perfume that is based on that stunning stiletto bottle design. I think Too Faced definitely dropped the ball with the execution of this. I certainly will not be purchasing this and I already have so many perfumes I love or that I know I enjoy on my wish list. Hard pass on this one, I don't even care how good it smells. 

200w (1).gif

Note to Self: No, just no...


Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Well-stated, @QueenMarceline. When I first saw this tf release, the first thoughts were: 'try-hard cash grab' and, how gauche. The overly large font for its label is just so sad. While the frilly btl is nice enough, I suspect that most of the production-cost was spent on it, not the ingredients. Wonder what the Margins are for mass market perfumes?

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

@MvLL Lol, likely something absolutely ridiculous (the margins). Offering this only in a 3.3 fl oz speaks for itself, to me it screams "even we don't believe in this product" from TF's end.

Re: The Offical Anti-Haul Thread

Anti-Haul Winter 2022: Anything & Everything Valentine's Day Release Related



All The Details:

Honestly, not very many releases have caught my eye when it comes to Valentine's Day and there's almost an overwhelming amount of product releases. I don't remember this type of influx of products during heart-season in years previous but maybe I'm just spacing out here. I must say, I've eye'd down a couple of products in their cutesy packaging... they caught my attention, but only very few. The packaging from the Kylie release is exceptionally cute and tempting to me, because cherries 🍒... (put a cherry on something and I'll buy it 99/100 times). BUT, I have yet to buy any of these releases and I've officially started my no buy (yayyyy, it's February 1st 😁) so it's likely I'll be skipping all of the Valentine's Day 2022 releases. And, I'm honestly kind of okay with that. I'm very happy I stayed strong in resisting Kylie's cherries packaging because I really am not sure if I want to purchase from this brand at all anymore in general. 


Note to Self: Good job resisting the cherry urge.
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