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The Hermès Thread

This thread is dedicated to all things Hermès! While Sephora doesn't carry the makeup line (maybe one day??), that doesn't stop us from wanting these pretties in our collections 😉 



Re: The Hermès Thread

*squee!!! Love your pretties @ChristalM so much! 😍

Re: The Hermès Thread

I will throw them on tomorrow and see what it looks like on! @itsfi 

Re: The Hermès Thread

Before I go splurge on this I would love everyone’s feedback.  I am hoping Saks or Bloomingdales has a sale but I think it would be unlikely. 

Re: The Hermès Thread

@SportyGirly125 I'm in the same boat... 100$ on a tinted balm.... yikes.  I mean I love a good luxury product as much as the next gal, but I think I may need to see them in person before I can cross the 100$ threshold lol.  I'm totally living vicariously though all the swatches and youtube videos!  Ohhhh... this may be a lovely souvenir from a trip at some point!  That I could justify lol

Re: The Hermès Thread

I know @SportyGirly125 I had hoped this last promo would include beauty darn it! The lips are very nice tho I’m not sure I would say remarkable vs so many others. Blush will be great to see. The case is of course cool . Remember Nordies too to use notes on some of it! Plus NM and BG carries it.  💞

Re: The Hermès Thread

I was hoping that the current sale Saks had would include beauty, but it didn't 😞 It still would have been a little less expensive (like $20) to go through Saks than the Hermès site, but I wanted the box and Bolduc ribbon. I'm excited for it to come in! 

Re: The Hermès Thread

The box and ribbon are such a fun part aren’t they @Mcakes ! 🥰

Re: The Hermès Thread

They are @Sunnysmom ! It's just nice to have that experience of untying that perfectly secured bow off that orange box that makes my heart flutter. I'm a sucker for packaging 😄

Re: The Hermès Thread

Oh me too!! The best @Mcakes ! And that Chanel ribbon too... ☺️. 

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