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Swatch to get a free eyeshadow - Now CLOSED!




If you have uploaded a photo to this thread before 12 pm PST on 3/18 you will receive your free shadow! Thank you for your participation!


Introducing 80 new ways to smolder. The latest eye shadows from SEPHORA COLLECTION are available in four finishes—matte, shimmer, glitter, and mirror (a.k.a. crazy-reflective). They’re long-wearing , super blendable, and come in a wide range of richly pigmented shades. Oh, and did we mention there are also antiaging properties thanks to White Tea Extract?


We are sure if you try our SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Eyeshadows, you’ll be as obsessed with them as we are. So sure, we’ll send you one FREE full-sized shadow just for testing them out! Here’s how to get it:


1. Starting today (2/27), visit any free-standing Sephora store or Sephora inside jcp*
2. Swatch 3 of your favorite SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Eyeshadow colors on your forearm.
3. Take a photo of your swatched arm in front of the Colorful Eyeshadow display.
4. Come back to BeautyTalk on or before March 6, 2013 and post your swatch photo in the thread below. In your post, include the names of the 3 shadows you swatched, and use the hashtag #sephoracolorful.
5. Send a private message to the SEPHORAADMIN2 account with your name and the address where you would like your shadow sent.**


That’s it! Happy Swatching!




*Terms & Conditions: Valid while supplies last. Offer includes (1) one 0.07oz SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Eyeshadow. Offer valid in US only. This offer is subject to change, alteration or termination by Sephora in its sole discretion at any time. Offer redemption dependent on Sephora attaining responder's mailing address. Eyeshadow colors are chosen at random. To receive offer, client must upload photo to BeautyTalk between February 27 - 12 pm PST on March 18, 2013.


**To send a private message, go to SEPHORAADMIN2’s profile page:
Click "Send Private Message" in the gray box on the right side of the page.


 ***While supplies last. Shadows will be sent to eligible recipients by April 2013.


Please note: For recipients to be eligible to receive a free eyeshadow, photos MUST be original, taken by the recipient in the store. Dupes or copies from other posters will not be accepted!

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Can anyone message me with help on how to do this using pictures from a smart phone?  I'd really appreciate it!

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

@makeupobesessed you may want to send your photo of your swatches directly to your email and then upload the photo to your personal BT profile. Then you can just "insert" it into your post. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

2013-03-03 17.02.01.jpg


L-R (all mirror shades, crazy amounts of micro-milled glitter, found it was best to apply these densely with my finger rather than a brush/sponge for more color impact and payoff)


Pool Party, Break the Bank, and Pop Idol.




Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

By the way, I was also curious, after this awesome freebie ends, how soon will the shadow be sent out to those who have swatched and posted photos?


I'm sure others are wondering about this as well!

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Doh!! I went to Sephora yesterday so that my mom could buy herself some new stuff and I forgot to do this! *bangs head against wall*


I still gots time. *smiles*

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Doooo ittttt Smiley Tongue, hehe! I had to pick up a serum for my mom and mascara for my cousin so it was a perfect chance for me this weekend to swatch away!

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

I'll try to go today because there's only a couple of days left. I've been reading reviews on temptalia about these shadows though! Some are great, some arent, I think it depends on the finish. I want a shimmery light bronze color to replace the one in my TheBalm palette when I run out. I love it, and dont have any lighter bronze colors.


Look at me. Trying to talk myself into buying shadow. Again.

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Don't worry, I've already put Indian Summer (orange ish one) on my list. I want a good shimmer/matte green or purple to pair with the brights I have, but it's hard to see how it blend with others without bringing the UD palette with me and use it on my eyes right there. Maybe I will do that next time and ignore possible odd looks.

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

I really wouldnt recommend bringing your own stuff to Sephora, thats sold at Sephora...only because I saw another shopper get falsly accused by the sales woman....she was doing makeup on one of her friends/family members/whatever, and on the makeup station--the one where you sit at the big mirror, she had testers from Sephora, and she also pulled out one of her own makeup items (that are also sold at Sephora) and it turned into this big heated mess. She looked mortified/embarrased...I dont know how long it took to resolve the problem because I left before they did but I dont want you to ever be caught in that kind of situation. Unless they go back and look at the cameras, its really tough to prove whats yours and whats a tester. Thats why the only thing I ever take out of my bag (in any store) is my cell phone.

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Jeezz....that's all kinds of awkward!


I can't believe the sales rep confronted the customer. Any retail job I had we were always strictly told not to accuse or make statements that could be contrued as accusations in case it really was an innocent mistake and a customer decided to pursue legal action over it. Or even just for safety reasons, you never know if someone is armed or may get desperate/violent if caught/accused.


That's pretty ballsy. Even if we ever saw with our own eyes someone taking or stealing something we never were suppose to yell things like "Put that down" or "Stop!" we always had to approach it with a "customer service" attitude of "Did you want me to get you a basket for your items?", "Did you want me to hold some of the items you're shopping for at the counter so you have more free space?", or even "I can help put some items back for you if you've changed your mind on a couple of things!"


On occassion when working make up and even clothing retail we had women that would bring in articles of their own clothing from past collections or make up items of their own if they were prepping for a big look and wanted us to use some of their own product on them during make overs, but they would always come right to an associate and tell us "Hey, I've brought this in with me, I didn't want you guys to think I'm stealing it or that it's new product, I just want to see what would match with this."

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Yep. I think the sales person didnt see her take it out of her purse and put it on the table, she just saw her take the item from the table back *into* her purse and jumped her right there. It basically turned into a huge fight, there was yelling and everything, I made my purchase and bolted right out of there in case the cops came and wanted to investigate the witnesses. I think she even took out stuff from her purse that was high end makeup, but not sold at Sephora, and she got accused for those as well. Geez sephora people, know your brands.


And WOW! I could never ever bring my own clothes...that just seems like a mess waiting to happen. Even if you tell a woman upfront, that woman might go on break or leave and put someone else up there while you're in the changing way. Ever.

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Yeah, it was definitely risky whenever situations like that would pop up, it's one of those, if you can avoid doing it as a consumer then kudos, but if you absolutely cannot, then alert as many of the sales folks/employees as possible or even a manager.


Eeep, I hope the scene didn't get worse after you left!


Once a lady got busted for writing hot check in a place I worked at. My job had been trying to catch her for a while because she would make the rounds and have multiple identities to her name. When they finally got her they arrested her on the hood of her car right in front of the store and took her purse inside and emptied it. She must have had 10 check books, a stack of credit cards, and a giant stack of IDs....crazzzy!

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

This reminds me of something I saw on TV awhile back...a group of guys stole beer from Walmart, and a woman that saw (a shopper, not even a sales person) ran after them and tried to be some kind of hero. Well the guys with the stolen beer ran her over with their car, and I dont know whether or not she's still alive but people....think about what you are doing. Please. This woman especially.....she didnt own walmart, they didnt even steal from her, and at the end...she's the one that got seriously injured for trying to save the day.

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Smiley Sad That's just sad on all aspects.



Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Yeah no, that's why I never did. It's the UD deluxe shadow box, which is discontinued online, but they may still have it in some of the bigger stores, so maybe I can try using that.


Yeah, I sometimes feel oddly uncomfortable when putting samples in my purse and hesitate to pull out the makeups from my purse. Altho I think if you show it and tell the sales associate by the front door right when you walked in, it should be fine and they can serve as your alibi (since you haven't even gotten near the items yet).

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!


Rock the Runway, Sweet Candy, Romantic Comedy #Sephoracolorful  Love these colors!  The underlying color in Rock the Runway is way cool!

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

So many gorgeous colors! But I'm absolutely in love with the golds and browns this seasons. The ones I tried in the attached picture are: #88 Morning Mocha, #81 Sunday Brunch, and #71 Blonde Ambition (which looks darker in my photo than it did in real life--I think it's the angle affecting the shimmer). #sephoracolorful.Swatches.jpg

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Midnight Swim, Picnic in the Park, Dying for Shoes #sephoracolorful

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 7.33.01 PM.png

Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Hi all!


I went in today and swatched some of the new shadows!


photo.JPG(Okay sorry, not sure why my photo is showing up sideways.)


I really liked the consistency... and so many colors... it was difficult to choose!


I swatched:
Blueberry Muffin

Desert Dune

Flirting Game


I think Blueberry Muffin would make a really pretty push liner (as you can see I am extremely pale so I don't look great with tons of dark shadows all over my eyelid, but I do love push liner).


Desert Dune seems like the PERFECT highlight eyeshadow. So sparkly!


Flirting Game was a really pretty brown. Smiley Happy




Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Love the Colors!p_00001.jpg

From left to right:

Midnight Kiss 29, Flirting Game 46, Indian Summer 79


Re: Swatch to get a free eyeshadow!

Love love love the colors!!!  Can't wait to rock picnic in the park, midnight swim, and midnight kiss #sephoracolorful

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