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Swatch hand: Show and tell

Don't clean off that swatch hand just yet! I love seeing product swatches, so I thought it would be fun if we shared pictures of our swatch hands. No need to remember everything you swatch, but it would be great if you let us know which product swatch impressed you the most and one that disappointed you.

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

Product swatch that impressed me: Marc Jacobs Highliner in meri(gold). I think that color will really make my eyes pop!

Product swatch that disappointed me: Hourglass brow pencil in soft brunette. The color was great, but I had to push so hard to get it on. There is no way I would push that hard on near my eye. I hope that it is just because the sample was dried out. Smiley Sad



Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

You're right about the HG brow pencil. I got one and used it for a couple weeks but then gave up because it was so hard on my skin and pulled out a few brow hairs in using it. Had same issue with Brow Wiz (formula apparently recently changed). I don't know what these companies are thinking in making brow pencils so hard! Seems like none of them really use them before releasing them into production.


I was going to swatch MJ Marigold myself. Did you swatch O(vert) - the forest green one or Stone(fox)? Those are also on my list to swatch next time I hit freestanding Sephora.

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

My marc jacobs highliner swatches are all three in a row. Started with mari(gold), then ody(sea), then stone(fox). Ody(sea) looks more green in the picture than it is in person. I liked them all! Smiley Happy

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

TY. I wonder how close the MJ Mari(gold) is to UD Goldmine. I have Goldmine already. I'll have to swatch side by side next time I hit Sephora

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

Oh and what is that one reddish berry thicker swatch (at top of your leftmost vertical column of swatches)? That color of lipstick (?) looks lovely.

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

It is UD revolution lipstick in Jilted. It is gorgeous! As you can see from my other lipstick swatches I typically wear pinkish brown nudes, but I am seriously thinking about stepping outside my comfort zone and getting it!

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

That does look nice. I just tried UD Revolution lipsticks the other day and found that Rapture was like MLBB. It's a nice one but not as bold as Jilted. I'll have to try Jilted next time I go to Sephora.

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

If the highliner you swtached is right on top of that gorgeous Urban Decay pink, I am buying one when I come off my no buy.

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

Yes, the mari(gold) highliner is right above the pink UD lipstick, below the knuckle of my ring finger. 

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

Sorry, the lighting in my room is too bad to get a proper pic


Products that lasted on my hands through a day of hand washing and other normal use:


Marc Jacobs Gel/Pencil Liner

KVD Studded lipstick- both colors I swatched lasted, I'm super impressed because they didn't feel that drying Smiley Happy

KVD Lightning liner

Bite Lip liners

MUFE lip stains- amazing, its still flawless Smiley Happy

MUFE aquamatic

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

I am going to have to check out those MUFE lip stains! I swatched the KVD studded lipstick too. I know I am going to get one I just can't decide on a color.

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

Starting from the left- 

-Nars china seas duo (top) and kauai (bottom)- Love them both, I just don't see myself using them now, so i'll get them later on.

-All of the other eyeshadows are nars' new dual intensity eyeshadows. 6 were on my list, but after swatching them I want 8 or so...the two I wanted (himalia and dione) were out of stock, so I decided to wait. They don't look good in the picture, but in person- HOLY MOLY. JUST TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY, NARS.

I'll probably haul em all in September.

-The red lipstick in the middle is the new urban decay one from the pulp fiction collection. It was beautiful, but the formula isn't one of my favorites (Too slippery on me, I need mattes.)

-And then on the far right..I swatched 2 or 3 glosses, KVD liquid lippies in underage red and lolita, a couple of sephora's matte lipsticks,one of the new bite lip pencils (brownish one, further down). 


Some other random swatches here and there, but that's the stuff I remember.


Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

Love your picture! Smiley Happy The other day I wore the Mrs. Mia Wallace lipstick but covered my lips completely with the matching lip liner before I put it on. It helped a lot but if you like mattes I think it will still be too slippery.

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

Love the Urban Decay lipstick, the NARS China Seas duo (I've never swatched that myself but I have to swatch anything NARS before I buy).  Do you remember the item on the top left.  It looks like a lippie, and I am in love with the color.

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

That mauve-y plummy one? If it's the one I think you're talking about, that's one of the Nars eyeshadows Smiley Happy Desdemona, I believe. 

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

For lipstick try swatching it on your finger tips. Its closer to the color of your lips than the back of your hand is. You'll get a truer representation to what the color will look like on your lips.

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

Yeah those NARS Dione and Himalia are fantastic! I keep swatching them every time I go into Sephora. I am wondering, do I really need them since I DO have very similar neutrals BUT this formulation is different? The ones I have right now are Phoebe, Callisto and Cassiopeia. Frankly I wish NARS would just come out with an entire palette of all the shades. I'd buy it in a heartbeat (or when I had the money)!!

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

I'm kind of hoping that they'll release a holiday palette with some (or all!) of the shades- now wouldn't THAT be fantastic?

I have a feeling that if I buy all of them, a palette will come out not too long afterwards, and I will cry.


Also, you can never have too many neutrals Smiley Wink

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

Yes, NARS listen to us! Maybe I'll wait and see what they do for the holidays before I buy any more of those. I think I can wait. My wallet says I can!

Re: Swatch hand: Show and tell

Does it count if I was swatching my own collection?  Smiley Very Happy  I wanted to see how all my favorite purple toned eyeshadows compared to each other.  I can never have too many.  They're all swatched over UDPP in Eden (which I don't use anymore but figured I'd give it a whirl) and you can see it really dried out my skin.  If anyone is interested in the colors, let me know.  I had a lot of fun playing with my own stash.  My husband saw my hand and shook his head.  Hahaha



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