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Just posted this as an answer to a post but wanted to share it with all of you!


The number one rule of skincare is hydration. Whether you're younger or older, hydration is so key in both your skincare and daily routine. Drink lots of water or else no matter how many things you put on your face, they won't do much. Also, sunscreen is extremely important at any age. Always remember to put sunscreen on before going out. Even if it looks like there is no sun, there are always UV rays. Now, the skincare steps are as follows:

1. Cleanser

2. Exfoliate

3. Toner

4. Essence

5. Serum 

6. Sheet Mask

7. Moisturizer

8. Eye Cream

9. Sleep Mask

These products can vary depending on the consistency of the product. The more thick the product, the farther down the line of steps it is. Of course, doing all of these things and purchasing all the products is ridiculous. There are many people who still do all the steps though. If you are under 25-30 years old I recommend using only 3 or 4 of these products: Cleanser/Exfoliator, Toner, Serum and Moisturizer. The younger you are the more important it is to look for the words "Hydration" in your products. And a lot less "Alcohol" related products. If you are under 50 I recommend a sheet mask once a week along with Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer and Eye Cream. Once again, everything is optional and your skin may not be able to handle so many products. It all depends on your sensitivity, how much you would like to invest, and what you feel is right for your own skin. Also, an extremely important fact is that just because a product is expensive, doesn't mean it's good. Make sure you do your research and read reviews to see if a product is right for you. Don't settle for things that are "okay." Find a product that you really feel like makes a difference on your skin. That after you wake up in the morning you touch your face and say "wow." After you reach the beautiful age of 50+ it's time to tone it down. Use more natural products and stay out of the sun as much as possible. Sun damage is the most apparent at these ages and you must be aware. An extremely important factor is just simply don't try to look young. Embrace your beauty and character. Don't use products that tell you they will give you "younger looking skin" because they will often harm your skin with chemicals. Continue to wash your face before bed and don't soak in a tub for too long. This will easily dry out your skin. Eat healthy with vegetables and everyone, DRINK WATER. I hope this wasn't too much to read. I got a bit carried away. I love when people ask about their skincare and being able to share what I learned makes me happy. Thank you for reading and happy skin-caring!

I will link some of the products I recommend below Smiley Happy

1. Cleanser: (Drugstore) Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser [Smells amazing and really wakes you up in the morning]

2. Exfoliater: (Drugstore) St. Ives Even and Bright Face Scrub [Doesn't leave that squeaky feeling on your face that most cleansers do. Smells amazing]

3. Toner: (Sephora) Tongue (Really smells like roses and has a lot of hydration)

4. Essence: (Sephora) Tongue... [Haven't personally tried this but many of my close friends rave about it]

5. Serum: (Sephora) Tongue... SWEAR BY THIS. This stuff is magic. I love it so much. My face always is so soft after using this and I feel so radiant and confident.]

6. Sheet Mask: Tongue407006Smiley Tongueroduct [ Have fun with sheet masks. I don't use them too often as I find many dry out my skin but they are very fun and pampering ]

7. Moisturizer: [ I love this face cream. It SMELLS AMAZING. As you can tell, I love a good smelling skincare product. Although I wish it came in a pump for sanitary reasons, it's still one of the best face creams I use. ]

8. Eye Cream: Tongue422... [ This stuff just works. I don't know how but my dark cricles have gone down so much in one month ]

9. Sleeping mask: Tongue [ I've said it once and I'll say it again. Koreans make the best skincare. Their products are unbeatable and this product is so refreshing and relaxing and makes your skin baby soft. It's like your face is drinking water.]

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