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Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Hello everyone! I’ve really loved the threads where we share our beauty collections, so I thought it would be fun to share our “everyday” makeup. I have a growing collection of makeup (like most of you, I think) but I also have a makeup bag that holds my everyday makeup items, the “usuals,” if you will.👇 It’s the bag I take when I travel, the makeup that I almost always wear— my essentials. I would just love to see everyone else’s “everyday” makeup or makeup essentials! Thanks so much for sharing!! ❤️

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Shosh85 The UD primer is my favorite of all I tried, it helps my shadows stay on really long. Definitely recommend it! <3

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Third time’s the charm!- you’re now the 3rd person who’s recommended this to me, so I’ll take that as a sign and just buy it already, lol! 

Thanks, @angel7594! 😂😉🤗

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!



Here are my regular items! I didn't include the brushes though, and the lipstick varies.

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Love it!! I see you’re a lover of NARS as well! I haven’t had a NARS product do me wrong yet! 👌

What eyeshadow palette is that?  I don’t think I’ve seen that one!

Thank you so much for sharing, @malday!!

Its really fun to see what people use on a daily basis! 😉

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

It's actually a bronzer/highlight palette from Charlotte Tilbury! I use the bronzer part as a contour since it isn't super warm Smiley Happy

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Oh, cool! I do the same thing with some bronzers! 👌😉 @malday

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Hiiii guys!


It's been a while since I've posted on this thread and i've recently had a pretty big shift in my makeup routine. It's nice and steamy in north texas these days so i've fully embraced a dewy, glowy, look with cream products. Here is what i've been working with:



Becca Primer
LM Tinted Moisturizer
Fenty contour
Becca liquid highlight
ABH Brow Definer
NARS Wanted (basically just smushing all the shimmery shades on the lid with my finger)
BTS mascara
UD setting spray

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@scott1201 Nice, simple set-up! Cream products are my favorite! They seem to do the best with my dry skin!

I own that Becca primer but still haven’t used it! How do you like it? I’ve been using Too Faced Hangover RX lately and it’s the only one I’ve found so far that doesn’t dry out my skin 😬

I’ve been using that UD All Nighter as well, it seems to work great, just not crazy about the smell- (I keep using it so its obviously not that bad) 😉👃

Still on a search for a Holy Grail setting spray and primer!

Thanks for posting! You reminded me that Ive changed out a couple things too and in need for updating as well 😉

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

I really enjoy the primer, @Shosh85.


At first i thought it wasn't doing much, but i've come to love it the past month or so. I would consider myself a light / light medium (that makes no sense) yellow-toned complexion (LM in Nude) and it is VERY brightening on me. I've read some reviews that people wear it alone and i don't think i could; it's too purple for my complexion. I don't look for pore filling or smoothing primers, so i really enjoy this one for brightening.  

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@scott1201 Oooh I love it! Does the Fenty play nice with everything else? I'm still experimenting with primer combos for it.

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Yes! It blends so easily and doesn't move around any of the other base products. I was also impressed that it doesn't pull on the skin at all when applying straight from the tube (which is what i do because.... lazy) @fieldsofclover

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@fieldsofclover Does Fenty have a light enough shade for you? If there is, there just might be some hope for me, lol! 🤗

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Shosh85 I'm a 110/120 in Fenty and I have the Porcelain one. It works out great! I think it would be better if my skin were a little more oily, even. The Amber shade here is supposed to be great for contouring if you're pale.

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

So... this happened 🛍️😳 I really love this collection, though. I'm wearing it almost every day right now.


Also, now that I'm getting outside in natural light more, I'm realizing the LM is too dark for me even though it's the lightest shade so I need to exchange it for something else. Thinking about going for the new Hourglass retouching fluid instead. Sigh 👻



Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

You've almost got a NARS Capsule collection here, @fieldsofclover! The packaging is just so beautiful. Which lipsticks did you get? 

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@fieldsofclover I am loving the Nars x Erdem collection too! I just picked up another blush and the highlight pencil and it's sooo dreamy. Which lip colors did you get?

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@MissPuff @scott1201 I got all the bright ones, haha. the collection had one opaque red and five semi-sheer colors... I got Bloodflower (the opaque one), Carnal Carnation (red-fuschia), and Larkspur (the purple one, but not the super-dark one).


They're nothing impressive in the tubes, because they look so different when you put them on.






Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Your organization soothes me @fieldsofclover

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@michelleshops Oh, me too... opening this drawer is my therapy these days. I almost want to start an Instagram of them, but that's too much work for me so I might start adding them as BIC gallery looks 📸

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Look at all that NARS!! The new collection is so pretty!! Do you like the NARS eyeshadow better than the Becca palette? I just promoted my NARS Orgasm blush to my everyday makeup set up. 😉

Trying to find a light enough shade for my paleness is seriously the story of my life, lol! I feel your pain. 😬 Does the Hourglass retouching fluid have a shade light enough?


Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Shosh85 Oops, I forgot about the Hourglass thing. I'm never really satisfied with base products and I hardly ever do the whole undereye concealer thing so I'm kind of wandering in the desert right now.


The reviews on the Hourglass retouch are starting to come in and they're not great, so I'm going to skip it for now. I really like the Fenty stick I have but it starts to really settle into my pores after a few hours with most primers. I'm considering the Hourglass stick foundation but it seems to have a high learning curve and is probably more coverage than I need. But I have a solid shade match in it so it's probably my next stop if I can't make the Fenty work.


I've used almost half of that LM tube so iI' just going to put it in a drawer until August and see if I pick up enough color over summer to wear it. Or see if my mom wants to try it 😂

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