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Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Hello everyone! I’ve really loved the threads where we share our beauty collections, so I thought it would be fun to share our “everyday” makeup. I have a growing collection of makeup (like most of you, I think) but I also have a makeup bag that holds my everyday makeup items, the “usuals,” if you will.👇 It’s the bag I take when I travel, the makeup that I almost always wear— my essentials. I would just love to see everyone else’s “everyday” makeup or makeup essentials! Thanks so much for sharing!! ❤️

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Shosh85 Oops, I forgot about the Hourglass thing. I'm never really satisfied with base products and I hardly ever do the whole undereye concealer thing so I'm kind of wandering in the desert right now.


The reviews on the Hourglass retouch are starting to come in and they're not great, so I'm going to skip it for now. I really like the Fenty stick I have but it starts to really settle into my pores after a few hours with most primers. I'm considering the Hourglass stick foundation but it seems to have a high learning curve and is probably more coverage than I need. But I have a solid shade match in it so it's probably my next stop if I can't make the Fenty work.


I've used almost half of that LM tube so iI' just going to put it in a drawer until August and see if I pick up enough color over summer to wear it. Or see if my mom wants to try it 😂

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@fieldsofclover Thanks! That is all very good to know!! 👍

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Shosh85 I don't know if I like it *better*... I just can't wear matte finishes in general, I think they look bad on me. So Apres Ski is my perfect no-makeup-look palette, and I bought Ocean Jewels knowing I'd mostly just use the two duochrome shades but I decided I was ok with that. 


I'm mostly into experimenting with recreating the specific looks from the Erdem collab since the model has similar skin tone/eye color to me. Also, the finishes are mostly satins instead of real mattes. So when I get tired of doing that the Beccas will come back ♻️ I'm not happy with any powder shadows I have besides the Nars, Becca, and Burberry.






Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

I agree with you on the mattes- I feel they don’t look good on me either. I always go for shimmers, duo chromes and I love holographic if I can find it! Sometimes I use a light matte shade as a base, but that about it. 👌😉 @fieldsofclover

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Shosh85 I gave up on Naked Basics again so I've actually started just using Nars Orgasm as my transition shade for everything nowadays, and it's working out okay. One less thing in the drawer!

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Drawer update! Been using the Fenty Matchstix a lot more than I realized... it's at least half gone. So I guess stick foundation is a thing that works for me? Weird. Also starting to think the LM tint I was using is a tiny bit too dark for me, so taking a break from that.


Gave myself the tools for a navy eye look this week, but I've really just been into a grey eye with whatever lip. Dug the Maybelline Tattoo crayon out of my stash, but I like the Lancôme formula a lot more.


Edit: nope, the extra stuff didn't even last 24 hours. I guess I'm really leaning into my everyday rotation these days 😂



Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

I've been meaning to upload a pic of my daily makeup so here it finally is!


Items included: Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation, Tarte Shape Tape, Kat Von D Brightening powder in Petal, Too Faced Love Etheral powder, Hourglass bronzer, Anastasia Dip Brow, Too Faced Brow Quickie, Stila liquid eyeliner, Lancome eyelash primer, Covergirl Full Lash Bloom and Benefit Rollerlash mascara, Anastasia lip primer, Too Faced Lip Injection gloss, and ABHxAmrezy highlight.


*Not included is Smashbox's Primerizer (for moisturizing), Too Faced Peach primer, blush and eyeshadow because I try to use a new quad/palette everyday.



Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Nice set up! I just recently included the Amrezy into my everyday routine as well- it’s just perfect 👌 

I like that you use a different quad/palette daily- that’s a good way to be sure all your palettes get some use, plus you stay entertained! 😉

Thanks so much for sharing, @gonerogue!! 

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Shosh85 I TRY to use other highlights but it’s so gosh darn beautiful that I always go back to Amrezy 🙈

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Nice product selection @gonerogue! I was wondering, do you use both the Smashbox Primerizer and the Too Faced Peach Primer in the same routine or alternate?

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Aaliaa great question! I use both on a daily basis. The smashbox as a moisturizer and the primer as a pore-filling primer.  I let the primerizer sit for a good 5-10 minutes and then I apply the Too Faced primer.

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Thanks @gonerogue!

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

I’m happy to know your lash cocktail - they always look perfect in the looks you post, @gonerogue!

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@scott1201 Thank you! It’s a 3 step process that took years to perfect 👌🏻

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Here’s the old shoe box lol, one day I’ll get fancy like you guys. Lol, it gets worse my brushes are stored in my old cookie jar, and a repurposed Tarte container. Fanciest thing are the .99 lipstick holder that I use for liner, concealer, mascara, pencil, hair oil, and perfume, etc.



Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Love it! Nothing wrong with a little repurposing! ♻️👌

Looks great to me, @howconnie! 🤗🙌

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!


I'm a "rah rah Ulta" girl any day of the week, but there's a better way to go about extolling their virtues.


Perhaps you'd like to join the conversation and show us your daily makeup, and explain why you love Morphe? Yes, this is a Sephora-owned site, but we are free to discuss ALL makeup, regardless of where it was purchased. Theres no need to post angrily about other stores. Pretty much my entire collection came from not-Sephora and I'm still hanging around 😄 This is a fun site with fun people, even if you don't have a preference for Sephora. 😉

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Morphe has a perfectly good standalone store too. Why be competitive with the Mean Girls nonsense? There's room for what everyone likes.

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Probably the last pic for a while, I'm settling in with my current arrangement. I really like the greys in my new Burberry palette. My ABH Brow Definer finally died, so I'm trying the Hourglass version now... it's huge! Definitely worth the extra money since there's more product. Also went back to my old trick of using a pink/white liner on the waterline. Been taking a break from the duochrome highlighters, so Nars in Hot Sand is my daily go-to.



Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@fieldsofclover I'm excited to hear your thoughts on the Burberry palette! I was following the gray thread intently, I've always loved greys over the browns (I think it dates back to a Chanel counter a million years ago when all the SA's had a smokey blue grey look with blood red lips. So chic) and since you did all the recon already...


Can I request pics or swatches of your burberry look? Smiley Happy 

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Wait no more regular updates!?! How am I going to be reminded to keep my stuff organized and rotated?


Also whats the Sephora tape for @fieldsofclover

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