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Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Hello everyone! I’ve really loved the threads where we share our beauty collections, so I thought it would be fun to share our “everyday” makeup. I have a growing collection of makeup (like most of you, I think) but I also have a makeup bag that holds my everyday makeup items, the “usuals,” if you will.👇 It’s the bag I take when I travel, the makeup that I almost always wear— my essentials. I would just love to see everyone else’s “everyday” makeup or makeup essentials! Thanks so much for sharing!! ❤️

RE: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Hi, friends. Here is my current roundup (five days a week and on the 6th and 7th days, my face rests w/o makeup, lol). I guess the theme here is pinky neutrals/nudes. I’m working through my stash of samples, so some of these are not my normal items (blush, bronzer, mascara, concealer). Also, my dear Beauty Blender seems to be absent from the photo, but is very much loved.


TARTE - Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush - Paaarty, BENEFIT COSMETICS - Hoola Matte Bronzer Mini, MAC eyeshadows in Yogurt and Vanilla, URBAN DECAY - Eyeshadoin Tease, Secret Service, Naked, Sin, ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS - Brow Wiz, MAC lipstick in Syrup, ABH Glow Kit (Sugar), TOO FACED - Shadow Insurance, SMASHBOX - Super Fan Mascara Mini, some unknown concealer (NARS maybe? IDK), Prescriptives Flawless Skin foundation in Camilla.



Re: RE: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@christyrc I love your everyday round-up! Those single shadows are so great for a simple makeup set-up and perfect for travel!👌How do you like the Too Faced Shadow Insurance? I've been trying out different primers and have wondered about this one. 😉

RE: Re: RE: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Hi, @Shosh85. I love the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Right now it’s my HG. I prefer it over the Urban Decay bc I like that I can squeeze out the amount I need and I don’t have to fuss with an applicator. That being said, My next purchase will be the Pretty Vulgar Uncaged primer just to see how that is. Have you tried that one?

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

The traveling squad for this week (and likely the next few weeks) for my "everyday" (and evening) makeup looks. If I position everything just so, it all fits in the silver mesh makeup bag. Smiley Happy 




Troiareuke Seoul Aesthetic Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ - it only comes in one color; closest to MAC NC20-23; BOBBI BROWN - Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick - Bark; Koji DollyWink Super Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - Super Black; TOO FACED - Born This Way Ethereal Setting Powder Mini; HOURGLASS - Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel; La Mer The Lip and Cheek Glow - Wanderlust; PERRICONE MD - No Eyeshadow Eyeshadow;NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer - CannelleSURRATT BEAUTY - Relevée Lash Curler;Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On; TARTE - Creaseless Under Eye Concealer - 20N Light; Doll Hospytal Creme lipstick: Outta Meds; BECCA - Shimmering Skin Perfector® Pressed Highlighter Mini Ornament; Chanel Stylo Ombre et Contour - Contour Graphique - used as eyeliner for day look or as eyeshadow for evening look.


Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@itsfi This definitely looks like the makings of a nice everyday look! The Perricone products  seem so perfect for everyday-natural makeup! 

I really love this photo! It's scattered, yet crisp and clean! It's hard to imagine all that fits into that little bag – you must have some good Tetris skills, haha! 😍😂👍

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Thanks @Shosh85! 😃 The Perricone no makeup makeup products are worth looking into for an everyday natural makeup look.


hahaha, Tetris! I haven’t played that game in years!!! If I get the cushion compact and lash curler situated justso, then it’s easier to get all the other products in the pouch and zip it shut. 

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

*sigh* this photo is so soothing, @itsfi. Looks like you have a very natural, polished look here. Do you highlight at all? 

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Thank you @eshoe! Smiley Happy  I'll use the Becca Opal as a highlighter. This one's a mini, but I couldn't figure out how to tag it (and it was already an exercise in patience just trying to tag all the ones I did before I got to the Becca highlighter on my list). I usually go for the KEVYN AUCOIN - The Contour Duo On The Go for travel,but for some reason I wasn't able to find it easily (which is odd), so I just went for the Becca.  

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Ah, I missed that, @itsfi! I’ve been thinking about picking up that Becca Opal mini as I’ve never tried it and am curious of course. It must be goodSmiley Wink

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@eshoe, Becca Opal is a nice one. It’s buttery smooth and you can get a soft, natural glow or a more intense one depending on how lightly you apply it. 

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

IMG_2100.JPGfun thread- these are my everyday essentials (lipsticks vary though but usually oranges and reds!)

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@janedoe13 I like your go-to makeup! That bronzer sure is pretty! What Becca palette is that? That cover sure looks pretty! 😍

NARS is a great concealer! I keep trying different things but always come back NARS👍😉 Thanks for sharing! 👌

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Shosh85 thanks 😃

-it's the becca blushed with light palette! One of my favourites.

And I agree about the Nars- I rotate between their radiant creamy and their soft matte ones - love them!

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

It's been a while since I've done an update. It seems my "everyday" face involves 3 things;

1️⃣ Holy grails

2️⃣ Products I'm experimenting with to hopefully become my holy grails

3️⃣ Products I'm trying to pan.1325D45A-DD13-4BF4-9B12-5767692EA819.jpeg

 I keep trying different mascaras and always come back to the Lash Blast. Now they recently came out with their own lash primer and I'm actually pretty impressed by the duo. Still not sure if I like this lash primer better than the LANCOME one, but right now they're tied.

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

I like your coding system here, @Shosh85! Very helpful😊👍🏼

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Haha! Thank you, @eshoe! 😉👍

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!


I didn’t know CoverGirl made a lash primer. I’d be interested to know what your final thoughts are about it compared to the Lancôme primer. Says a lot about it if you think they’re tied right now.

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@itsfi I have finished a trial size of the Lancôme lash primer and after I finish this Covergirl one I plan to buy a full size of the Lancome one and really give it a good comparison 👍 I'll let you know how it goes👌😉

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

It’s been a while since I have shown you guys my go-to face! There has even one notable edition - the BECCA undereye brightener. Guys, this stuff is AMAZING ❤️ I have relatively dark under eyes but the part that annoys me is the undereye line that goes from the tear duct to the middle of the eye -that is what really causes my shadow. A couple of dabs of the BECCA over or under my base product does the trick. 10/10 recommend it!



Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!


The Becca undereye brightener can be used over OR under your base? That sounds fantastic and makes it so easy. 😃

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