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Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Hello everyone! I’ve really loved the threads where we share our beauty collections, so I thought it would be fun to share our “everyday” makeup. I have a growing collection of makeup (like most of you, I think) but I also have a makeup bag that holds my everyday makeup items, the “usuals,” if you will.👇 It’s the bag I take when I travel, the makeup that I almost always wear— my essentials. I would just love to see everyone else’s “everyday” makeup or makeup essentials! Thanks so much for sharing!! ❤️

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

My drawer looks almost the same as it did the last time I posted, so I thought I'd share a smaller slice of it... my default ten-minute face these days. I've been concentrating on skincare lately (masking 2x a day), so that's soaking up the time I would spend on more elaborate eye looks.



Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@fieldsofclover 10 minute routines are what I live for! This looks like a great routine🤗

I’m with ya on the skincare vs. makeup- I’ve definitely been spending a lot more time with skincare products than I have with makeup products lately- especially since I became so addicted to The Creme Shop masks, haha!

What lipstick is that? It looks like a perfect shade 😍

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Shosh85 Last year's Fenty (Sci-Fly). This is the only lipstick I own a backup of!

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@fieldsofclover Oh man! That seriously looks like the perfect shade!..... and the case is soo pretty too! Only $19? Hmmm, 🤔🤔

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!


I can second Sci Fly! It's this magic goes-with-anything shade. Nice coverage and color and shimmer but yet sheer and soft enough to not overwhelm a look. In my collection, it's my "neutral" since I don't really do neutrals lol.


Only $19, but sizewise, these are about half the size of "typical" lipsticks like UD, LQ, etc, so per ounce, they're actually a bit spendy. I rarely wear mine because I don't want to finish it 😅😅😅

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Ya, I wear it a lot because I rotate among a lot of different lip products so I struggle to ever use any up, but Fenty is pretty expensive, more than a lot of luxe brands, if you just compare price per gram of product.


I mostly bought the second one to keep myself from being too precious with this first tube! I'm trying to really work on the "use up the things you love" mindset. 😖

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!


I struggle with that all the time! I never can figure out if I should just use my faves, or make myself save them and finish up the mediocre stuff in the mean time. Stuff I hate gets tossed immediately of course, but there's always a stash of "eh, I guess it'll do" hanging around that helps stretch my budget. 


Specifically talking about lipsticks though...good grief...I have way too many for it to even be a question lol. I'll never finish any at this rate, so I guess I could pull out the Sci Fly from time to time 😅

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@RGbrown I had to toss a $65 lipstick earlier this year, so now I'm officially over the "save it for some other time" mentality 😂😭

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!


Ouch, that hurts! 😥


But, with the way I bought last year, in a couple of years I'll probably be tossing dozens myself. Sure, none of them cost $65, but maybe if I had bought just a few fancy ones instead of every single cheaper one on the market, it wouldn't be so bad. 😅🙄

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Good to know! Thanks, @RGbrown! 🙌🤗

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

My current set-up. I will be very happy when that palette is gone!! -but for now I’m still plugging along 😬 My everyday lippies are kept in my purse- I pull those out as needed 😉




My Holy Grail items:

- IT Cosmetics CC cream

- ABH Amrezy Highlighter

- Physicians Formula Butter Highlight (I use this as a blush/highlight combo)

- NARS Orgasm blush (when I want more pigment than the Butter Highlight)


I’m still experimenting with primers, sprays and eyebrow products ( but I’m really liking the Kat Von D brow pencil)

I like Shape Tape but its just bit too drying for me. I also like the NARS creamy concealer, it doesn’t dry me out, but it does seem to settle in my fine lines.... so I just feel there has to be something better out there.... 

RE: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Here’s mine! This is my “desk makeup” since I’m usually too lazy to do my face at home during the week. I forgot to include my brow gel (currently the Colourpop one) and I trashed that eye primer right after this. It was drying out and crumbly so I let it go. The eyeshadow palette rotates, this is just what I’ve been loving as of late <3

Re: RE: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@michelleshops Oooh- why is this so nice to look at?! Haha!

I agree with @fieldsofclover.... it’s fun but minimal! I love that!

Im seeing those HUDA palettes pop up everywhere! I own the Smokey palette and I love it! The one you have looks like it could do both fun and neutral-everyday looks!

Thanks so much for sharing!!! 👌😍🤗

Re: RE: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@michelleshops Love it! This is definitely the fun side of the minimalist stash. 💖

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Here is what I have been using the most lately for a quick routine in under 15 minutes. I add to or use other things from my collection when I have more time. <3




Lancome Dual Finish powder foundation

Laura Mercier Baked Blush Illumine

MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick

Lancome Definicils mascara

ABH Brow Wiz

Clinique Bottom Lash mascara

UD Eye Shadow Primer Potion

ABH Soft Glam palette



Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Love it!! I was just thinking the Soft Glam palette would make a good everyday palette! Once I get through my panning projects, that’ll be my next go-to palette.👍

That UD primer is on my list of things to try- I’ve heard some good reviews! How are you liking it? Still searching for a good one. 😉

Thank you so much for sharing!! @angel7594

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

@Shosh85 The UD primer is my favorite of all I tried, it helps my shadows stay on really long. Definitely recommend it! <3

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Third time’s the charm!- you’re now the 3rd person who’s recommended this to me, so I’ll take that as a sign and just buy it already, lol! 

Thanks, @angel7594! 😂😉🤗

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!



Here are my regular items! I didn't include the brushes though, and the lipstick varies.

Re: Show Me Your “Everyday” Makeup!!

Love it!! I see you’re a lover of NARS as well! I haven’t had a NARS product do me wrong yet! 👌

What eyeshadow palette is that?  I don’t think I’ve seen that one!

Thank you so much for sharing, @malday!!

Its really fun to see what people use on a daily basis! 😉

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