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Sephora + Pantone Color Theory Shadow Block swatches!

So today I dropped in after work to see if my local store had any of those Sephora Precious Metals eye palettes that just went on sale (I just LOVE the beautifully designed case and mirror).  Unfortunately (or fortunately?) they didn't have them in-store, so I spent about an hour browsing and swatching other stuff to my heart's content.


First I made a beeline to the new Pantone Emerald themed stuff.  So gorgeous and my grubby little fingers were itching to swatch!!


They had three of these little babies on display.  I LOVE the design of the container, with the clever, swiveling cover and mirror, and the magnet closure!  I'd buy one just for the awesome packaging.


Bionic -- the white color in the picture actually was more shimmery gray in real life and the deep blue and green (sort of matte-ish) were beautiful together!  So striking and bold to look at, but not something I'd wear enough to really justify the cost.


Eclipsed -- this one came across as shimmery goldish/bronze and deep shimmery olive, with the pop of bright emerald.  Just the gold and olive colors together were lovely and I've really been enjoying that particular color combo lately, but I'm not sure they mesh very well with that bright green.  Also it was a surprise because in the photo I thought the middle shade was actually dark gray.


Elemental -- the most "everyday color" of the 3, with a nice shimmery champagne/beige, a smooth matte brown, and then the green.  The green in each palette had different variations of matte/glitter/shimmer but I can't remember which was which now.



Next were these adorable little "Colorbyte Lip Wands".  In the photo on the website they look like little blocks of color and I couldn't figure out how you'd get the gloss out of the block!  Well more cool design-fu, the outside is a small square-ish plastic frame (square not cube) which protects a soft-plastic interior that you squeeze to get the gloss out.  I have to say the Sephora/Pantone collection has produced the most innovative and interesting packaging ever!  Completely adorable.  The gloss itself had a slight minty scent but was a bit too sheer for my taste.



This is the Graphic Lift Liquid Eyeliner which came out as a highly shimmery bright green.  If you look closely you can see very fine green glitter particles in there.  While the liner sets it seems very un-smudgable, but at the same time it went on pretty liquidy and not as opaque as I'd like.



(argh, so annoyed that the pic is upside down!  also that dark green is more like dark blue in real life)

I've been really curious about the new Sephora eyeshadow pans so I swatched a bunch of those too.  I was pleasantly surprised by the ones I tried, they went on smooth and pigmented in a variety of finishes.  Some are more blendable than others but I definitely will be buying a few.  I need to find a bigger Sephora because I can see there are more shades online than my local store had on display!  I was really happy with the color selection in the store though, I have a hard time finding shades of gray (like blue-gray, purple-gray, taupe-gray, etc) and they had plenty there to keep me busy!


I had a bunch of fun with the Hello Kitty glosses (now on sale for $9) and the Buxom Lip Creams and some other stuff, but I'll have pity on anyone still reading and save that for another day Smiley Happy





Re: Sephora + Pantone Color Theory Shadow Block swatches!

oh are you a lefty?  


i would recommend getting the precious metals palette.  It takes a a liitle work ( damp brush) to get good color payoff but it' s totally possible and for $27  it's a good deal. i was sooooooo disappointed by the shades of nature palette until i tried using the damp brush trick now i love love love it. 

Re: Sephora + Pantone Color Theory Shadow Block swatches!

@desertbr4t -- yup a lefty!!  very observant of you Smiley Happy  oooooh now you're making it difficult for me to resist that precious metals palette.....trying not to buy any more eyeshadows but i LOVE the case design so much, it feels really classy and I love the huge mirror, and that palette has a whole row of grays which I love....

Re: Sephora + Pantone Color Theory Shadow Block swatches!

@drrragon- Good pics! Colors are pretty. Thanks for posting!

Re: Sephora + Pantone Color Theory Shadow Block swatches!

Hi ladies!  I was kicking myself last time for not actually snapping pics when I was in-store, so this time I remembered to whip out the camera!


Color THeory Shadow Block in Bionic


Color Theory Shadow Block in Eclipsed20130307_151353.jpg


Color Theory Shadow Block in Elemental20130307_151157.jpg


Color Code Prismatic Shadow Block in Emerald

(it's the swatch to the right next to the watch)

I left in the green from Bionic for reference


Re: Sephora Pantone reviews!

I went in last night and totally fell in love with the Sephora + Pantone eyeshadow packaging too. I purchased Eclipsed, but thought that the other two looked super pretty too!

Re: I went to Sephora today and did not buy a thing (again)!

Oh I love blue/green together, they would be perfect as 2-toned eyeliner since they are dark.


It is much easier to resist buying when I'm not looking at sales section and don't get good skincare promos. I still can't believe I have ~100 skincare items. I was trying to sneak my way to the sales page thinking "do I really have 9 cleansers?" then start counting, which cooled my head enough to pull me back.


So, 30 days to go. 0.0

Re: I went to Sephora today and did not buy a thing (again)!

Whoa, yes, 9 cleansers is an awful lot!  LOL!  When I first started doing a no-buy this Jan, the days seemed to crawl by soooooo was really hard!  and I did fall off the wagon a few times.  But it was a bit easier in Feb.  Hopefully March will be even better.

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