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Rewards Bazar "SOLD OUT"

What is going on with the Rewards this year? They are unavailable as soon as they are posted. Why bother having a handful of perks that are shown as SOLD OUT? Sephora HQ is saying "Oh, look what you could have received... we'll keep them up to tease you." Not cool Sephora... not cool.Capture3.PNG


Rewards Bazar \"SOLD OUT\"

they don't even restock. I was sitting here refreshing at 9 am. literally 1 item restocked and that's it

RE: Rewards Bazar \"SOLD OUT\"

I’m frustrated too. I’m a VIB Rouge so consistently buy and I can’t even use my points because rewards disappear almost the day they release. Not a great situation to incentivize future purchases as well. They need to stock up more.

Re: RE: Rewards Bazar \"SOLD OUT\"

Ya I agree, I was so happy they started carrying MAC products to wrack up more points, but since I have 1000 points and perks are always sold out, what's the point? I might as well just go to MAC.

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