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Post in Makeup Is Life

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

Hi friends!  I have some more info on the new PMG release because I was lucky enough to attend the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish launch event for some of the Sephora Pros yesterday in the Flatiron District in NYC.  There were just 5 of us a honestly it was incredible.  I don't have any pics of the swatches (we were a little unsure if photos were ok at first) but I have loads of the incredible display!  For swatches, please check out the PMG thread here: 


It was at a lovely boutique hotel across the street from Madison Square Park.  We were able to test the products (the palette, all 3 sticks and 2 of the balms) and chatted with the MUAs who brought out 4 models, each with a variation of that signature Pat glow.

Look at them!!Look at them!!

Then Mother herself came out!  I hope my ghost is doing a good job writing because I died.  The chat was so informal and casual I didn't want to ruin the vibe by taking a million photos.  The way Pat and her team spoke with the Sephora team, you could tell that it's a relationship heavily valued on both sides.  The Sephora Pro team brought her a birthday gift!  The sweetest! IMG_7217.jpg





 Launch details courtesy of the lovely @KatieBT:

  • 6/18 - 6/27: Palette Rouge Preview
  • 6/21 - 6/27: Palette VIB Preview
  • 6/28: All Collection available to all 

Skin Fetish Deets! The brush is based on the original from the 003 Lab release but elevated.  It's softer, no shedding and beautiful.  The palette is the same incredible quality we're used to from the 003 Lab release plus the new shade, Bronze Nectar 003.  *Mother tip! use all 3 for a lit from within glow she likes to call Golden Honey.  

The most surreal thing happened, while one of the MUAs (I can't remember her name, I'm sorry!) applied the Bronze Nectar highlight to my face while chatting about BIC (don't worry, I made sure to tell her how much we love and adore Pat and all her products!) Mother took over!  I KNOW!  I died again and my ghost was highlighted to the gods.  I have a video but I can't figure out how to share it here.  In the mean time, here is a screenshot of Mother explaining how to roll or dab the product on to get a fingerprint of the color (and blend.  Always blend)



We chatted some more and everyone took a pic with Mother, here's mine!

My new driver's license.My new driver's license.

Here are the important details: Mother smells wonderful.  She's a hugger and cusses just the right amount. Her skin is FLAWless.  Everyone on her team is a dreamboat and a sweetheart.  We were all gifted the palette, the balm of our choice (I went with Bronze since I'm clearly obsessed!) and the brush which was beyond generous!  


A million thank yous to the BIC team who have been working their buns off getting new and cool experiences for us and to Pat and her team.  They were so kind and sweet, even to a rando like me. I can't speak about the Sephora community without smiling like an idiot.  The people and experiences it has brought into my life are incredible.  Please let me know if you have any questions!  I'm going to do some comparison swatches and post below! 

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

OMG @michelleshops !!!  😯😯😯😯 <<accurate illustration of my face after seeing your photo with THE Pat McGrath (and you look great BTW!). 


Love that you were able to attend the event and enjoyed yourself.  Thanks for snapping these wonderful photos and sharing them here 💕

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

@michelleshops That sounds like such an amazing time. So glad you got to experience it. Wonderful pictures - Love your pic with Mother! 

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

@michelleshops, Congrats on being chosen for such an amazing opportunity!  Hope to see more events like these for BIC community members!

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

Agreed @MlleCC!  There have been a bunch of really cool events lately!

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

@michelleshops having a hard time breathing over here. Way to REPRESENT! Your coverage / journalism is amazing! Thank you for sharing!

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

P.s. please show your haul!!

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

I will @ShiraBT!  I brought everything to work so I can take pictures in decent lighting.

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

Congratulations @michelleshops Pat McGrath is a true makeup artist 👨‍🎤 how wonderful it must have been to be able to see her work and meet her in person! I love they way you explained the launch 💜 It made me feel like more of an insider to the experience. And thank you to all the Sephora BT staff like @KatieBT for  these wonderful opportunities 😘 

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

I still can't believe @KatieBT & co. was able to swing this!  I tried to represent BIC as the big group of excited makeup junkies we are while being respectful and attentive in the hopes word spreads and BIC members get invites to more events like this @melissapurple22  Everyone should get a chance to meet their idol, especially one as cool as Mother!

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

Sounds like you did a wonderful job  representing BIC community 💜 It's so great that you and other members got this opportunity! Can't wait to see what other events BIC members will be able to go to Thanks to our wonderful BIC Admin staff ☺️Congratulations once again on being able to go to this and doing such a great job sharing your experience with us @michelleshops

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

This is so cool, @michelleshops!! I love your descriptions of the events haha! I would've died too if I were in your place Smiley Surprised What an honour to have her do your makeup herself! Can't wait to see your swatches! 

Re: Pat McGrath Skin Fetish NYC Sephora Pro Experience

Thank you @SpaceLlama!  I still can't believe I got so lucky!  Swatches are coming soon!

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