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I have no idea where to begin! I'm new to makeup, and all of the options are so overwhelming. I want to make sure that I'm buying the right shades of everything for the most flawless fit to my skin tone, face structure, and eyes! I'm interested in putting in a large initial investment into all of the fundamental face necessities to include all of the tools (brushes, sponges). Looking for someone to essentially help with an itemized shopping list so to speak.


I am split right down the middle between Scandinavian descent, and italian. I have blue eyes and i'm pasty white in the winter and tan nicely in the summer. That info may or may not help. Thanks! 

RE: Overwhelmed

Welcome! It really is overwhelming. I’m not an expert like many of the wonderful people here but Ive found that it’s a lot of trial and error. I’ve tried things and if I like them, I buy more. Do you have a local Sephora? That’s how I started. I went in for some undereye concealer and had a store associate help me with a few options and tell me what kind of brush I needed. If you went in for a makeover they could do a colour IQ on you to determine what shades will work with your skin tones. I’ve tried a few foundations over the years. I’ve found that I love Tarte because I bought one lipstick and loved it so I continued to try their products. But There are many other brands I use. As for brushes, I typically use the Sephora pro airbrush brushes. They aren’t the cheapest and they aren’t the most expensive. There was only one that I bought that I didn’t like. Hopefully this was at least a little helpful for you but I know you will get some great responses from this community. Best of luck!

Re: Overwhelmed

@ACFlat For brushes I recommend a zoeva kit- they're high quality and super competitively priced in a great range of color and kit options IMO. My organizational stuff for my bathroom all came from amazon


As far as a makeup routine that works for you.... I can't answer that. I would go in to a sephora, personally, and ask an associate for help- they have always been super friendly and helpful in my experience- though for this size of a request I would call ahead and make an appointment. I would plan to make two trips. At the first one, schedule a makeover and meet the $50 spend on something you're sure you'll want to keep/ that's safer (like a brush, lipstick, eye primer and/or an eye palette). Wait to see how all the other makeup they tried on you wears through the day and see what does/doesn't work for you before buying a face primer, foundation, mascara, concealer, bronzer, etc. You may find that a powder form of something was suggested but you prefer the feel and wear of a cream formula, for instance, or that certain items don't play well together.


Some important questions to answer for yourself before you go in are: What is your skin type? How much time are you willing to spend everyday? Are you shopping for an everyday look or a special occasion look or both? What kind of look do you want to achieve (ie, natural/toned down vs more glam)? What kind of finish would you prefer (matte, satin/natural, dewy)? If you know the answers to these question you'll have some important guideposts and you'll get better suggestions for achieving what you actually have in mind


@ACFlat do you have a Sephora near by? they can color match you to the perfect foundation shade
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