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OCC Lip Tar swatches!

Earlier today, Lilyyy was nice enough to post a thread giving us some info on the upcoming mini lip tar set, which launches on the 22nd of October!  Personally, I am a huge fan of this product and was SHOCKED to realize that out of all my currently-owned shades, I only have an overlap with TWO of the minis across both the sets (The 12 piece which comes out soon, and the current 4 piece)  This is so exciting, and there is TOTALLY some lip tar shopping in my future!


I thought this would be helpful to people who were curious about the formula.


I know some people are super bummed that the application requires you to tote around a lip brush for touch ups.  This doesn't bother me, but I totally get where that criticism comes from. 


I love how long-wearing they are. I eat off lipstick like crazy, and these last on me for hours. Also, the tiniest drop of product goes a long way.  (See final photo for how crazy pigmented these guys are!)


First, here is my Lip Tar Rainbow!


And Swatches!



From left to right, also, from elbow to wrist, the colors are as follows:

Black Metal Dahlia






Pretty Boy

January Rising (this shade was a special edition with limited availability)






*Lovecraft and Pris are in the 12-mini set.  Additional note on Pris- I never wear this by itself. I mix it with other colors to lighten them/make them metallic.


Also, to give you an idea of just how pigmented these suckers are, before wiping them up, I smoothed them over my forearm.  They provided opaque coverage from elbow to wrist, and mixed to make a pretty shade, to boot! Smiley Happy


Hope this is helpful to some of you!


Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

Am very impressed with this product!  It's true: It doesn't dry, ball up, and it lasts a really long time.  The sample I got at Sephora is "Queen".  I think I'm in love!

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

Thanks for the swatches, @nebel!  I really like the four colors on the left.  I have the Super NSFW (metallic), a gold laced red.  I didn't know it was metallic when I bought it or the first couple of times I wore it.  I found out when I looked it up on Sephora.  You really have to look to see the gold flecks.

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!



Thanks for the swatches (the colors are gorgeous!) and the info on how long they lasted on your lips! Heart

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

I've been wanting to try the OCC Lip Tars, but my local SeJCP does not carry them, only a deluxe sample with a choice of two colors which I didn't like.  The melange looks lovely.  I'll think I will give it a try.  Thanks for taking the time to swatch for us!

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

Melange is a really great medium neutral.   It is super wearable, but gives a little more color than your normal light neutral. 

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

Tip: you can load up a lip brush before heading out. (The ones with a cap, that is)

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

And then how did you get that off of your arm?? These things have such great staying power! Smiley Happy

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

And to think that she did that for us! What a doll!

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

Two makeup removing wipes, and then I took a shower!!  


I even used a body scrub, but I think my skin is still slightly stained. Smiley Happy

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

I believe it!!


That is why I don't even carry mine around... they are so long wearing!

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

There are some nice colors in this set. They surely appear pigmented and mentioning that they have some staying power makes this product very interesting. Thanks for the swatches/post and enabling! Smiley Wink

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

Gorgeous shades! My loves list is getting so long this holiday season...

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

I'm getting the 4pc set on Sunday when I go to the rise and rouge  event. Can't wait!! Smiley Happy

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

Love the swatches!  I just ordered the mini lip tar 4 pack, so I cant wait!!  Thanks for sharing Smiley Happy


xo, Mia

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

Thanks for posting these! The more I see it, the more I just want to try Black Dahlia. I don't know if I can pull it off, but it's so pretty.

Re: OCC Lip Tar swatches!

There are actually two different colors- I have Black Metal Dahlia which is slightly lighter and frosted.  The original is a true vamp creme.  I think both are lovely!!! Smiley Happy  

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