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Post in Makeup Is Life


I figured since Sephora just added some new natural makeup brands that we should have a space to discuss natural makeup on the new forum.  Some of the new brands added are lilah b., Axiology and Antonym. Just a place to talk and share about natural makeup.


If you want to discuss natural skin care check out the Natural Skincare Talk thread:


If you are looking for cruelty-free check out this thread:


Any general makeup talk... there's a thread for that too:


Thanks for starting this thread! I'm always interested in knowing what natural brands are around. 🙂


The only one I knew of at Sephora is Tarte, so I'm glad to hear they're carrying others.


A couple of brands I love, but I don't think Sephora carries are Alima Pure (though I think some non-US Sephoras do or did carry that line) and 100% Pure (I know I've mentioned this brand on the skin care thread often enough :)).


I love the range that Alima Pure puts out - they have been the best in helping me actually match my skin tone. I also like that their pressed shadows and foundation come in refill pans I can stick in a magnetic palette. Oh yes, and I've got about three of their eyeliners. So far, I like just about everything I have from them.


100% Pure has some great makeup as well, although not as many color options as Alima Pure. I do love their 2nd Skin concealer and luminous primer. Those are two of my workhorse products when I put on makeup. I've gotten their healthy foundation for my mom as well (she was having some issues, so I wanted to find makeup for her that would be good for her skin and not set it off - even checked the ingredients with her doctor),  and it was really nice. I've also got a satin eyeshadow that I love for everyday wear, and their mascara is the first I've ever tried that I actually felt comfortable wearing (I've got the black tea one, but I'm looking forward to trying some of their others). I also have one of their lip caramels in Red Velvet. It smells divine, but I don't use it as often, since I prefer liquid lipsticks that dry down more - and I have some others that do that and are still very comfortable.


@Magycmyste  I've heard of both but never really took the time to explore them. I'm trying to think of what I have other than Bite at this point but drawing a blank. Thanks for the input 🙂


@Magycmyste    oh yes RdF.  I have a few products from them... not sure I like the scent of those lipsticks though lol


Yes Bite just came out with a new liquid lipstick version. I haven't tried it yet though. I have some of their older version that doesn't exist anymore... those were nice!


Ooh, and I forgot to mention Rituel de Fille - I adore their lipstick colors, and the Eclipse cheek tint! Though I haven't used them as much - I've been preferring liquid lipstick over traditional lately.


I forget, does Bite do any liquid lipsticks? I have a couple of double-ended ones which are pretty, but again, I just haven't been reaching for the traditional stuff lately.


I just posted a bunch of related swatches on KatieBTs thread here:




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