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NARS Lipsticks: Top Picks

We swatched our favorite NARS lipsticks to see how the colors looked on different skin tones. What's your favorite NARS lipstick?



1. Cruising

2. Honolulu Honey

3. Belle de Jour

4. Dolce Vita

5. Barbarella

6. Roman Holiday

7. Niagara

8. Schiap

9. Heat Wave

10. Fire Down Below


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Re: NARS Lipsticks: Top Picks

I can't pick just one mine are Sexual heeling, cruising, and dolce vita but I have a medium to dark complexion.Smiley Happy

Re: NARS Lipsticks: Top Picks

I've never really looked into Nars' lipsticks but I might go check out Roman Holiday and Niagra next time I go to a sephora store. I think they look super pretty in the light skinned photo. Thanks for the swatches Smiley Happy


~We are all beautiful~

Re: NARS Lipsticks: Top Picks

I have so many favorites!


Crusing is the one I use the most, and Heat Wave is my favorite color.


I also love Autumn Leaves, Love Devotion, Shrinagar and Pago Pago!



Re: NARS Lipsticks: Top Picks

I own 2 Nars lipsticks right now---Manhunt and Jungle Red and I love them both. Cruising and Roman Holiday are next on my list!

Re: NARS Lipsticks: Top Picks

My face is Nars Schiap, but it's out of stock...Smiley Sad

Re: NARS Lipsticks: Top Picks

Favorite *

Re: NARS Lipsticks: Top Picks

I think Niagra and Shiap look beautiful on the light skin tone!  Heat Wave looks remarkably less intense on the skin than in the tube! 


I am light skinned and use Dolce Vita as my everyday go to color.  But I am checking out the two I mentioned above next time I hit Sephora!!

Re: NARS Lipsticks: Top Picks

i love sexual healing best; and cruising second but thinking of trying some new ones! great swatches!

Re: NARS Lipsticks: Top Picks

I love Mayflower and Beautiful Liar

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