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NARS At First Sight Palette

We swatched the NARS At First Sight Palette to see how the colors looked on different skintones. What do you think? Have you swatched this palette? Post a pic in the thread below!



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Re: NARS At First Sight Palette

This is perfect for travel! Adding it to my 'loves'.

<3 Melissa

Re: NARS At First Sight Palette

I really love palettes like this. They contain almost everything you need to put on a face and work well for traveling.

Whimsically yours,

Re: NARS At First Sight Palette

eeep suddenly i really want this....i have a weakness for taupe and that shimmery Nouveau Monde is so pretty!

Re: NARS At First Sight Palette

@sephoradmin2 - It would be nice if you explained how you select your Top Picks.


It would also be nice if you listed the names of the colors to the side or underneath the palette.

Re: NARS At First Sight Palette

Hi Titian06 - the "Top Picks" are chosen when we swatch them, if the person swatching them on their skin tone happens to really like one color in particular, or if we think a certain color stands out on a person. It's by no means a scientific process. Smiley Happy


Usually when a palette only has colors that are represented in Top Picks we don't list the names, because they are already written out and that would be too wordy. But for palettes with a ton of colors that is good feedback! You can also click the link to the product page under the swatch to get the names of all of the palettes. 


Hope that helps! 



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