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Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

[UPDATED WITH NEW CHALLENGES ~ MAY & JUNE] 💗💗💗  So, I could definitely use some makeup inspiration these days and maybe you could too. Several years ago, we used to have some weekly makeup challenge threads, so I’m bringing one back. It’s a great way to spark some creativity and maybe most importantly, a great way to shop your stash!


I started with a list of some challenges below, but also happy to edit/rearrange/consider other ideas along the way. I hope you will join me!  Feel free to post as many or as few times you’d like each week with photos of your looks. If you don’t like to post your face, feel free to do a flatlay of the products you used to do your look. Also, if you get behind or ahead, feel free to post pics whenever you have time.


Can’t wait to see all your looks! Have fun!


Updated the challenge (AGAIN) for the next few months! 

Week 26 (May 1-7): Spring flower inspired (cherry blossoms, daffodils, lilacs, etc)

Week 27 (May 8-14): Monochromatic look - use seasonally fun shades like peach, coral, nudes or pastels! @heavyhedon 

Week 28 (May 15-21): Soft Smoky eye (heck, or go for a bold, smoky eye!)

Week 29 (May 22-28): Bold lip or eye

Week 30 (May 28-Jun 4): Beachy look (gold, Aqua, bronze, waterproof)

Week 31 (Jun 5-11): Mermaid or Unicorn inspired look

Week 32 (Jun 12-18): Gold, copper, bronze - metals

Week 33 (Jun 19-25): Festival looks (for my birthday week!) 

Week 44 (Jun 26-Jul 2): Show us your PRIDE rainbows!! 

Week 45 (Jul 3-9): Red, White & Blue

Week 46 (Jul 10-16): Makeup you forgot you had! Suggested by @makeitup305 

Week 47 (Jul 17-23): Graphic eyeliner look, or another trend you’ve been wanting to try (inspired by @SportyGirly125 )




Week 1 (Nov. 7-13): Fall-inspired look (I’m thinking golds, oranges, browns, wines, plums and greys, but do whatever makes you feel like fall!)

Week 2 (Nov. 14-20): Black owned brands (Show them some love!

Week 3 (Nov. 21-27): Newness! Show off any new items you picked up during the sale (or anything new-ish that needs some love). Or, if you are on a low buy, just shop your stash! Alternate suggestions try something in a new way, i.e. use shades from a palette that you never use, or in a new combo.

Week 4 (Nov. 28-Dec. 4): Go all-glowy or go all-matte!

Week 5 (Dec. 5-11): Luxe brands or Luxe items. If it feels luxe to you or makes you feel fancy, post it! 

Week 6 (Dec 12-18): Limited Editions (old or new, pull out your limited edition or discontinued items and actually use them!) 

Week 7: (Dec. 19-25) Snow Queen/King

Week 8: (Dec. 26-Jan. 1) Silver and (or) Gold

Week 9: (Jan. 2-Jan. 😎 Glitter/sparkle/glam

Week 10: (Jan. 9-Jan. 15) Throwback/forgotten favorites

Week 11: (Jan. 16-Jan. 23) Palette of the week - Choose an eye (and/or other palette to create different looks during the week

Week 12: Natural brands (Jan. 24-31) Let’s show our natural, clean or eco-friendly brands some love! 

Week 13: (Feb. 1-7) Budget friendly brands

Week 14: Minis

Week 15 (Feb. 13 - 19): Red/Pink/Shimmer/Glitter or whatever you want for Valentine’s/Galentines Day (@imaster)

Week 16 (Feb. 20 - 26): ROYGBIV/Rainbow Week- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet - pick a new color every day or one color for the week, or use color on eyes, lips, cheeks, etc.! (@idanyd)

Week 17 (Feb. 27-Mar. 5): Mardi Gras Week - break out your purples, golds, greens, masks 🎭🎭🎭

Week 18 (Mar. 6 - 12): Celebrity/Social media/influencer week (recreate a look you love and post the side by side pics)

Week 19 (Mar. 13 - 20): Mixed Metals Week (@heavyhedon)

Week 20 (Mar. 21 - 27): Mostly missed this one, ugh, sorry!

Week 21 (Mar. 27- Apr. 2): Show us your Spring looks! 
Week 22 (Apr. 3 - 9): Bronze goddess look (will probably repeat this in the summer)

Week 23 (Apr. 10 - 16): No makeup makeup

Week 24 (Apr. 17 - 23): Sephora Spring sale newness/or anything you haven’t gotten around to wearing/or shop your stash

Week 25 (Apr. 24-30): Fairy/wood sprite 🧚‍♀️🧚🧚‍♂️

Please feel free to suggest some other challenge ideas in the thread and we’ll add to the coming weeks!! 💕💗💕💗💕


Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Wow, you look great, @Saradestin ! 😍  I love your lipstick! ❤💄💋

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thank you @Titian06 !! this is such a beautiful lipstick, I love it! 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

It's the most crazy function, I had ever seen, nice.

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

This is the NARS Extreme Effects palette for yesterday’s Smokey eye. I dearly love NARS eyeshadows palettes! Rainy and eventually snowy day in Colorado, so there’s an action shot, too, in my paddington bear jacket.





Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@sister13 love those Mario lippies!! 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

It's so pretty! @sister13 I think that Nars has really stepped up their shadow game over the last year or two. I love the holiday palettes from last year and this one is gorgeous on you. What a pretty glossy lip,too.

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thanks! Yes, NARS palettes are my cryptonite! I had actually skipped this one but then it showed up at TJ Maxx and I’m so glad! The lip is that MAKEUP BY MARIO MoistureGlow™ Plumping Lip Serum Plum Glow its really tingly and my favorite type of shade. @makeitup305 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@sister13  Love this!  I was shocked to hear about your snow!  But secretly jealous.

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Yes, it was lovely, though sadly everyone lost a lot of tree limbs since it was so heavy and the trees had just all leafed out! @Ispend2much6 Awe can always use the moisture!

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Such a beautiful palette @sister13 ! You created a gorgeous look with it. You look stunning! 😍 It seem so weird to hear about snow from here, where the heat and humidity are starting to be almost unbearable! 🥵

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thank you! Yes, it was crazy since it was 92 degrees the day before, but welcome moisture and cool temps before the summer hits. We were just saying we think it’s going to be a hot summer since it had been so warm lately! @Saradestin 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

You look lovely, @sister13 , rain jacket or not! 🥰🌧☂️💧

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thanks @Titian06 ! 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@sister13 pretty 🤍 do you put a jacket on the curious kitty too when it's raining outside?? 😂🐾💖

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Haha, she doesn’t go outside, but the pup does have a rain jacket, only I never remember to pull it out! @Skunk12puzzola 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Quick and simple warm smokey look with ND. Much easier than yesterday lol. Lips are NARS Audacious Lipstick Jane and messy hair is courtesy of the crazy wind today.


Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@makeitup305 ohhhh gorgeous!!!

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thanks @lmaster !

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@makeitup305  I hadn't ever seen Jane before, but it suits you well!

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

thanks @Ispend2much6 ! I haven't pulled it out in a while and remembered once again why I love the Nars Audacious line.

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Yay!! These are my colors @makeitup305 !! So beautiful! 😍😍

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