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Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

So, I could definitely use some makeup inspiration these days and maybe you could too. Several years ago, we used to have some weekly makeup challenge threads, so I’m bringing one back. It’s a great way to spark some creativity and maybe most importantly, a great way to shop your stash!


I started with a list of some challenges below, but also happy to edit/rearrange/consider other ideas along the way. I hope you will join me!  Feel free to post as many or as few times you’d like each week with photos of your looks. If you don’t like to post your face, feel free to do a flatlay of the products you used to do your look. Also, if you get behind or ahead, feel free to post pics whenever you have time.


I figured I’d kick us off with some fall looks, can’t wait to see them all! Have fun!


Week 1 (Nov. 7-13): Fall-inspired look (I’m thinking golds, oranges, browns, wines, plums and greys, but do whatever makes you feel like fall!)

Week 2 (Nov. 14-20): Black owned brands (Show them some love!

Week 3 (Nov. 21-27): Newness! Show off any new items you picked up during the sale (or anything new-ish that needs some love). Or, if you are on a low buy, just shop your stash! Alternate suggestions try something in a new way, i.e. use shades from a palette that you never use, or in a new combo.

Week 4 (Nov. 28-Dec. 4): Go all-glowy or go all-matte!

Week 5 (Dec. 5-11): Luxe brands or Luxe items. If it feels luxe to you or makes you feel fancy, post it! 

Week 6 (Dec 12-18): Limited Editions (old or new, pull out your limited edition or discontinued items and actually use them!) 

Week 7: (Dec. 19-25) Snow Queen/King

Week 8: (Dec. 26-Jan. 1) Silver and (or) Gold

Week 9: (Jan. 2-Jan. 😎 Glitter/sparkle/glam

Week 10: (Jan. 9-Jan. 15) Throwback/forgotten favorites

Week 11: (Jan. 16-Jan. 23) Palette of the week - Choose an eye (and/or other palette to create different looks during the week

Week 12: Natural brands

Week 13: Budget friendly brands

Week 14: Minis

Please feel free to suggest some other challenge ideas in the thread! 


Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

thanks @sister13 ! I forget to take pictures when I'm rushing in the mornings. 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

This week might be hectic but I’m hoping to get into some of my luxe items. Yesterday, was just a easy, natural day, but turned out okay! This Dolce & Gabbana had an amazing leopard overlay. I actually have an unused backup, but even the unused backup seems to be fading. I have the Burberry highlighter also in gold. The YSL is a pink, blurring primer. Oh, also, got some new Kerastase  

, so that’s a bit luxe for hair. 💕💕💕


Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask Red Camellia 

NARS High-Pigment Longwear Eyeliner 

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil Red Berry 

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil 

TOM FORD Waterproof Extreme Mascara 01 Noir 



Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Lovely look, @sister13!! 🤩

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Ooh la la @sister13! Luxe looks lovely on you! 😍 Love that Burberry highighter! 💖

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@sister13  Beautiful look! 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thank you @ather ! 🙂 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Whoaaa those products are beautiful,, and so are you 😉 @sister13 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thank you @lmaster 🙂

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Gorgeous!!!! @sister13 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thanks @idanyd ! I have so much makeup that I really should do a full face (or three) every day, but I don't usually have much time til the weekends. But, still fun to work through my stash for loved but not always used luxe items!  

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@sister13 You look super pretty ! Your skin looks fresh and luminous and your eyes just pop with that simple liner.

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thank you so much for the compliments @makeitup305 - I realize I basically just did the tightline - upper waterline and there was probably some leftover makeup/mascara that I didn't wash off completely on the rest of my eye. But, I so see a HUGE difference on my eyes/whole look with tightlining the upper waterline. When I do my makeup, and when I have done makeup on others in the past, especially as women age (which includes me now) - it makes a difference as our eyelashes tend to get a little thinner and we seem to lose some definition around the eye that tightlining seems to bring back. This NARS eyeliner is a good one that stays on my eyes.   

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@sister13 I definitely need to try that. I never tightline but I think it would help me out since my eyelashes are kind of sparse. I’ve heard great things about the NARS liner, I remember it was a classic back in the old YouTube days. 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Luxe week! Today, on my face I used Tower 28 Beauty SunnyDays SPF 30 Tinted Sunscreen Foundation, Hourglass Illume Sheer Color Trio , Westman Atelier Face Trace Cream Contour Stick Truffle , a duo-sided cream blush and highlight stick from Tom Ford from the Soleil collection from 2 years ago, and the TOM FORD Skin Illuminating Powder Duo Incandescent highlight. On my eyes, I’m wearing Roen 52 under and over TOM FORD Eye Color Quad Eyeshadow Palette 05 Silvered Topaz. Lips are PAT McGRATH LABS LuxeTrance™ Lipstick in Lust Angeles with Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly Gloss Coconut on top. 


@itsfi great recommendation on using the Tower 28 gloss to adjust the shade of lipsticks, it worked like a charm since Lust Angeles is super cool toned.

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Lovely look, @makeitup305!! 🤩

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

thank you @haleyvvvv !

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@makeitup305, I love how you've been pairing the Roen palette with your other eye shadows. 😍 Yaaay, I'm so happy to hear  layering that Tower 28 Coconut worked out for you! 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@itsfi thank you! I think it makes it a lot easier to wear it over something- you get less creasing but lots of sparkle. I just picked up a ton of nudes from ND so I'm sure it'll come extra handy, I just wish it had a different smell.

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@makeitup305  Such a beautiful look!

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

thanks @ather !

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Take my breathe away!! @makeitup305 😍

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