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Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

So, I could definitely use some makeup inspiration these days and maybe you could too. Several years ago, we used to have some weekly makeup challenge threads, so I’m bringing one back. It’s a great way to spark some creativity and maybe most importantly, a great way to shop your stash!


I started with a list of some challenges below, but also happy to edit/rearrange/consider other ideas along the way. I hope you will join me!  Feel free to post as many or as few times you’d like each week with photos of your looks. If you don’t like to post your face, feel free to do a flatlay of the products you used to do your look. Also, if you get behind or ahead, feel free to post pics whenever you have time.


I figured I’d kick us off with some fall looks, can’t wait to see them all! Have fun!


Week 1 (Nov. 7-13): Fall-inspired look (I’m thinking golds, oranges, browns, wines, plums and greys, but do whatever makes you feel like fall!)

Week 2 (Nov. 14-20): Black owned brands (Show them some love!

Week 3 (Nov. 21-27): Newness! Show off any new items you picked up during the sale (or anything new-ish that needs some love). Or, if you are on a low buy, just shop your stash! Alternate suggestions try something in a new way, i.e. use shades from a palette that you never use, or in a new combo.

Week 4 (Nov. 28-Dec. 4): Go all-glowy or go all-matte!

Week 5 (Dec. 5-11): Luxe brands or Luxe items. If it feels luxe to you or makes you feel fancy, post it! 

Week 6 (Dec 12-18): Limited Editions (old or new, pull out your limited edition or discontinued items and actually use them!) 

Week 7: (Dec. 19-25) Snow Queen/King

Week 8: (Dec. 26-Jan. 1) Silver and (or) Gold

Week 9: (Jan. 2-Jan. 😎 Glitter/sparkle/glam

Week 10: (Jan. 9-Jan. 15) Throwback/forgotten favorites

Week 11: (Jan. 16-Jan. 23) Palette of the week - Choose an eye (and/or other palette to create different looks during the week

Week 12: Natural brands

Week 13: Budget friendly brands

Week 14: Minis

Please feel free to suggest some other challenge ideas in the thread! 


Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@makeitup305 So pretty!  Love that you did a close-up of the eye.  Your shadows always have the nicest finishes!

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thanks so much @greeneyedgirl107 ! I love wearing glittery and almost “wet” look eyeshadow. 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@makeitup305 - I absolutely LOVE your look!  🥰

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

thanks @Titian06 !!😊

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

I am super excited for Luxe brands week! No debates about what’s luxe or not, if it feels luxe to you, it’s fair game for this week! Or, feel free to mix some luxe and budget brands too! 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022




Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

I am so far behind, this week was so hectic, preparing for a virtual event and an upcoming Board meeting, and catching up after Thanksgiving break. But, here’s one look from he week, I went all glowy, though minimal for a day of zoom calls. I found a makeup bag, with these Laura Mercier items, that I don’t really remember purchasing. I know some people rave about the #laura mercier tinted moisturizer, but I was never the hugest fan (mostly be it doesn’t seem to provide enough coverage or last that Ling on me) but this did look nice and added some life to my face, which was much needed after not enough sleep with some early morning zoom calls this week.  

Anyway, this was the tinted moisturizer (they’ve changed the packaging since then), a cream cheek blush with a shimmery powder loose blush/highlight, and I even used my Sephora brow glimmer that has gold shimmer, haha. I don’t love double ended brushes generally, but this is not bad for travel kit. The PAT McGRATH LABS Lip Fetish Divinyl Lip Shine Love Interest (not sure this is the right shade) is a favorite. 



Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

"that I don’t really remember purchasing" - I understand this all too well @sister13! Hahaha!


This look sister13!!! Polished and radiant! Perfect for hectic work weeks! 😍

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@sister13 You look beautiful. And what a great find- LM products you forgot about!  

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@sister13 -- Laura M and Pat McGrath, luxe by any standard and wow, gorgeous on you. Your skin is like fine silk! Love that lipcolor, it's so caz glam. 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@sister13 - You look good no matter what you wear!  Your glow is lovely!  💖💖💖

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Aww, thank you @Titian06 This golden morning light was a bonus! 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

You look stunning!!!! @sister13 🤩😍

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thanks @idanyd ! 💗💗 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

What a pretty look @sister13 . Glowing for sure! I like the LM for a light look also! 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thanks a lot @Sunnysmom ! Definitely brought the glow when I needed it! 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

lovely and glowy @sister13 ! hope all your work stuff goes well!

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Thank you so much! Fingers crossed! @makeitup305 

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

Missed out on posting this week but definitely got to wear some pretty glowy stuff like the HUDA BEAUTY Rose Quartz Eyeshadow Palette and the Vanity Makeup Cosmetics Signature palette. I tried to do matte makeup but I just feel incomplete without sparkle and glitter. Here’s my last look of the week using some of my new arrivals from BF sales.


I’m wearing the Roen 52 palette on the eyes with Roen Disco Dust and MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Powder in #13 on the inner corner. Cream contour and bronzer are from Salt New York , blush is ROSE INC Blush Divine Clean Dewy Cream Blush Dahlia and highlight is Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick Nectar . Lips are Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lip Liner Pillow Talk with LAWLESS Forget The Filler Lip Plumper Line Smoothing Gloss Daisy Pink and some Vieve Lip Dew for extra sparkle. Glowy décolletage is curtesy of Biossance 100% Sugarcane Squalane Oil 


Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

You look radiant @makeitup305! If sparkle and glitter complete you, then sparkle and glitter it is!! Looks beautiful on you! That Rose Inc. blush looks great!

Re: Makeup Challenge of the Week 2021/2022

@makeitup305 Such a pretty glow!

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