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MUFE HD Cream Blush in 510

As I promised, here are swatches and photos of MUFE HD Cream Blush in the shade 510! The shade is called "raspberry." It's a cool, berry-leaning red blush with a very natural finish. It pats on with a creamy texture and blends into a smooth, silky, skin like texture.


To achieve the color saturation seen on my cheeks (which is slightly less intense in pictures than it looks in real life), I patted and blended about two finger dips of product (per cheek) onto the apples of my cheeks, up toward the temples. So far I've been wearing it for three to four hours; no signs of fading at all, but I should hope not. I can update at the end of the day.


I hope anyone considering this color finds this helpful! 510, in my opinion, is the perfect reddish shade for an incredibly natural flush... even on fair skin tones. My husband commented that it looks indistinguishable from my natural flush. Amazing!






Re: MUFE HD Cream Blush in 510

That looks fantastic, I will definitely be adding it to my must-try list Smiley Happy 

Re: MUFE HD Cream Blush in 510

UPDATE: Holy cow! It's been 8 hours since I put the blush on and it hasn't budged at all on my oily/combination skin. I haven't touched up once. In fact, I feel like it looks even better than when I put it on! What's the logic in that?! Over time, I noticed that it sort of meshes with my natural skin oils and takes on a very natural 'sheen.' It isn't oily, it doesn't emphasize pores, but it looks quite lovely.


Anyway, just reconfirming that this product is awesome. Forgive my lack of gloss... haven't reapplied recently!upload_5896675070180046781.jpg

Re: MUFE HD Cream Blush in 510

Wow that sweater makes your eyes pop!

This color is probably not for me but I had a couple MUFE HD cream blushes on my shopping list. Then I looked at the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, which I know isn't new but I don't own any of yet.


Do you have any of the Bobbi Brown blushes? Are they comparable to this?

Re: MUFE HD Cream Blush in 510

Thanks! It was a cold day, and I love falling back on my dark green sweater. I never realized how much it helped make my eyes stand out until these photos, though!


As for your question... I don't personally own any of the Bobbi Brown pot rouges, but I've tried one on before. I would say the color payoff is not quite intense (which means it's even sheerer more forgiving to use, though I don't find the MUFE HD Cream Blush unforgiving at all). It also has a bit of a dewier finish, since the pot rouge can also be used as a lip product... though honestly it's pretty drying on the lips, like most cheek/lip products. I don't remember the wear time for the pot rouge, sadly! If you want something nice and sheer and on the dewier side, Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge is a nice product to try.

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