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Lipstick Swatches.

So i love when ladies share swatches of things. Especially Lipstick, My Local Sephora is Inside JCP and they don't carry so many things i want to try, so my only option is online, I may get a color that looks good on me, maybe not. So i'd appreciate anyone who swatches some of their favorite Lipsticks, Glosses, or Stains. Here are my top Fav Lipsticks!! My Swatches aren't the best, sorry! Hope you enjoy!



This was indoors, Not great Lighting. 


This is outside, Much better Lighting!!


And here they all are, I didn't swatch the Buxom gloss, I totally Forgot, Sorry. 

And Here is the list of them, Starting from the bottom of the pic to the top, then the side bottom up. 

-Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick In Muse

-Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon

-Lancome Rouge in Love Lipcolor in 106M Jolis Matins

-NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil in New Lover

-Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance 12 hour lipstick in Bold

-Sephora Color Lip Last in Pink Coral

-Sephora Color Lip last in Coral Calling

-OCC Lip Tar in Harlot

- Korres Mango Butter Lipstick SPF 10 in Coral

- Korres Mango Butter Lipstick SPF 10 in Natural pink

- Korres Mango Butter Lipstick SPF 10 in Natural Rose


I love These Lipsticks the best so these are the one i wanted to swatch. I wear these so often! Love everyone of them! So if you would care to show any swatches i'd greatly appreciate it. I'd love to get some new lipsticks!

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

And the last set of swatches- most of my Diors. I can't find a couple of glosses, and I didn't swatch Lip Glow for obvious reasons.



Re: Lipstick Swatches.

I've been wanting to see these swatched!! Thank you!!!

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

You're welcome!

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

More swatches!  After this, one more round is coming.  I used both the flash and no flash photos because the Le Metier de Beaute lipstick is closer to the flash one.  It still isn't quite true- it's a lovely pink-violet that pulls wearable violet on the lips. It's a new favorite of mine.  Two of these are currently available at Sephora.




Re: Lipstick Swatches.

I love the Kat Von D one! I've wanted to try her painted love lipsticks for awhile! 

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

I found it on clearance at the SiJCP near me for $8 during Chic Week!

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

Oh i never find things on sale that i want.

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

They had quite a few colors- and some Ilamasqua polishes on clearance.  I was good and just left with one to try the formula.

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

More Swatches!!! I finally found these. I forgot how pretty some of them are.


And here they are in order, I swatched a cheek stain as well cause it was there, but i don't see the color available on sephora. 


-The first one is the cheek stain, And i lost it again and don't remember the name. 

-Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Trixie

-Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Cream in Cherry Flip

-Buxom Lip gloss in Skipper

-Tarte LipSurgence Lip Luster in Pouty

-Tarte LipSurgence Lip tint in Enchanted

-Sephora Lip Last in Orange rocks

-Korres Mango Lip butter in Peach( i don't see this available anymore in this style)

-Clinique Duo i got for free at macy's, I don't know what it's called cause my sister took it last night after i swatched it. 

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

@starletta8- I've got the Rouge Coco Shine in Evasion and Liberte they are so close in color I think one is #46 and #48. I just went nutbar when they first came out and just picked at random. But they are very moisturizing and that's good because my lips get dry sometimes.

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

@Starletta8- Bless your heart you can almost tell how much you irritated your arm. Thank you so much for taking the time I love them all and now it's time to search the Laura Mercier gel lip colors I've never used them but I think I might want to nowSmiley Happy

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

They're just not used to it, LOL.  It's a shame, since I have my Dior and assorted goodies (YSL, Le Metier de Beaute, etc) left.


I love the Laura Mercier gel lip colors- but they were limited last year. I keep hoping they'll come back with each collection that's released. They're some of my favorites- think Rouge Coco Shine or YSL Volupte Shine at a lower price point!

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

And the rest of tonight's swatches.  I was irritating my arms too much to do the last 2 groups.






Clinique/Estee Lauder:










Re: Lipstick Swatches.

OK girls nothing could be better Pizza and lip stick swatches how good is this?

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

Two more!


Laura Mercier lipstick and gloss:



MAC Lipsticks:



Re: Lipstick Swatches.

I have some more swatches coming. I just don't have my laptop with me to post them!!

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

I have some more swatches coming. I had to stop before I swatched the last two groups because my arms were getting irritated.


Tarina Tarantino Conditioning Lip Shine:




Re: Lipstick Swatches.

Honestly I like all those, but the first two pics are the ones I really love. And I did have to take just a sec to compose myself but I'm ok now. ^.^

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

@bittersweet86-OMG I am so excited I can't hardly stand it YAY! Thanks so much for this...This is my favorite lipsticks and shadows.

Re: Lipstick Swatches.

Welcome ^_^ I love them too. I should do my shadows but that will take forever and the lighting is going away haha. 

Re: Lipstick Swatches.




Ok first off I would like to say yes I know i have alot of lipstick....I can't help myself man lol. Second all but 3 MAC lipsticks are limited edition and yes I use the OCC liptars for mixing ^_^


First image: All Mac (left to right)


-Lollipop Loving

-A Rose Romance

-Marquise D

-Sandy B (not LE)

- Creme Cup (not LE)

- Myth (not LE)


-Blooming Lovely

-Summer Showers (doesn't show up well it's a blue/green shimmer)

-Naughty Saute

-Quick Sizzle


-Riveting Rose


Second Image (mostly Mac but some others)


- Musky Amethyst

-Yung Rapunxel

-Charmed I'm Sure


-So Scarlet

-Daddy's Little Girl

-Ronnie Red

-Betty Bright

-Inglot - 197

-Inglot - 138

-Flower Cosmetics (found at walmart by Drew Berrymore) - Black Rose & Get to The Pointsettia

-Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks in Backstage Bambi & Outlaw


Last Image 


-OCC liptar - Tarred

-OCC liptar - Traffic

-OCC liptar - Triptych

-OCC liptar - Feathered

-OCC liptar - Iced (shimmery white)

-OCC liptar - RX

-OCC liptar - NSFW

-OCC liptar - Pretty Boy

-OCC liptar - Belladonna

-OCC liptar - Hush

- Milani - Sweet Necter

- Milani - Chilled Brandy

- Maybelline - Orange Edge

- Maybelline - First Class Fushia

- Maybelline - Electric Fushia

- MUFE natural -  N11 Iridescent Strawberry



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