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We swatched the LORAC PRO Palette to see how the colors looked on different skintones. What do you think?



Do you have a swatch pic of this palette? Post it in the thread below.


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Re: LORAC PRO Palette

While the colors in this pallette are pretty, there is much too much drop off on application !! 50% waste, I would say. It's a shame because Taupe is an especially great color. Naked I and Naked Basics by Urban Decay are superior products overall for those seeking warmer tones.

Re: LORAC PRO Palette

I absolutely hate my naked2 palette! This i might consider buying next time.

Re: LORAC PRO Palette

I agree with jayneashley about the drop off.  For some reason I find this to be most problematic with the eggplant color- it always ends up all over my face no matter how careful I am at tapping off excess from the brush before application.  Ugh!  Beyond that- the colors are mostly great, the shimmer is fantastic, and the pigmentation is very high.

Re: LORAC PRO Palette

This is such a universal palette. It looks great on all complexions. I am looking forward to purchasing this.

Re: LORAC PRO Palette

Love the pictures.  Where can we get it?  Looks like it's sold out.

Re: LORAC PRO Palette

@Callalacey- The palette is currently available on and at select stores. I just checked our inventory and its in stock onlineSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: LORAC PRO Palette

It was out of stock when I tried to purchase it so I asked for notification when it came back in... just got the email.

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