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Post in Makeup Is Life

If I Had To Pick ONE! xoxo

SOOOO, for years growing up, I have always been a girl that wears a little bit of makeup (the horror now that I think back lol) ...but now that I'm older, I have dibbled and dabbled in cool products, can finally do a full face (O YEAH BABY!)



So today it I was thinking, if I had to choose ONE makeup tool, or just one feature on my face that I could only "make-up" which would I choose! Well it was a tie between doing my eyes with liquid eyeliner "wing tip of coarse" OR applying lipstick!!...


I choose my Liquid eyeliner baby!! xoxoxo lol

What ONE feature would you "make-up"?????




Re: If I Had To Pick ONE! xoxo

You're beautiful, one! Two, if I could only use one makeup tool it would be my Cover Fx Custom Cover Drops. I just like a little spot coverage Smiley Wink

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