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How makeup saved my life!!!




      Hi I’m Jade! And I want to tell you how I went from being the biggest Tomboy you’d ever come across, to being the girliest princess  (with boyish tendencies 🤣) EVER!!! 
        Up until I was about mmmmmm… 16/17 I didn’t really know how to be a girl (get there in a sec) so I acted “tough”, fought a lot, wore a lot of 👖 tshirts, baggy sweat outfits, big hoodies that were usually stolen from random guy friends, DC shoes 👟, maybe etnies. Well that started changing when I actually started to develop lol (very late bloomer). Plus, my mom (and dad too) were  always “too busy” doing what they shouldn’t (if you catch my drift) to teach me the things I need to know in order to grow up and be a lady! Like: 
1). How to shave my legs🪒 

2). How to use a tampon properly 

3) How to apply a pad

4) Skincare 

5). basic hygiene 

6) makeup 

etc. just a FEW EXAMPLES. Thank god I had a sister and grandma. My sister was kinda mean, but was always there for me. She taught me everything I needed to know! And my grandma filled in the gaps! This gave me my first push into being a lady! 
       My “Coming to be a lady” was put on hold when I got into an abusive relationship with an overly jealous guy who made me dress like a bum all of the time!!! I was in that craziness for almost 6 years. When I got out, I was so broken that it took everything and everyone to build me back up again! That’s when I first got into makeup pretty heavily. I moved back home and my sister bought me my first kit!!! That makeup didn’t make me prettier, but it did give me a confidence that I had never felt before! Like satisfaction that I just created this beautiful masterpiece on my beautiful canvas that god provided for me!!! 
      My life took a turn for the worse on and off for about 20 years! I ended up losing myself to the streets of Baltimore. I am no longer afraid or ashamed to share what I have done and been through because I hope that it can reach and maybe help someone else!!! At one point I even chose to be homeless, jobless, carless, kidless, and at that point I didn’t even care what happened to me anymore! I was at my lowest of lows, but even then when I would pull out my case of makeup and get dolled up, it gave me that sense of satisfaction again! I loved how it made me feel! It was better than anything I was doing!!!! Trust that!!! That feeling is part of what got me to get up and go home, clean myself, get my life together, be a better mother, friend, girlfriend, and person. I owe so much to that feeling!! I owe it my life!! November 2020 never look back!!!

      Last July (2021) I ordered a bottle of Face Tape foundation, Shape Tape concealer, and an eyeshadow palette from Tartè and just started doing my makeup! Then I started watch tutorials and learning things like skincare, primers, setting powder (thank god for it 🤣), lip care, vitamin importance, being healthy inside and out!! Etc. next thing you know, I have an entire room just for my beauty stuff, creating content, getting ready, and creating the magic!!! Next thing you know it’s been 11 months and you’re starting to get stuff in the mail from companies, you’re making friends in the beauty community, meeting people who share my passion, and having more makeup, and skincare than I know what to do with and a huge subscription box addiction as well lol. 
    I am not bragging by any means!! I have a super long way to go and do not claim to be a professional MUA. I do do makeup on people like friends and family for practice until I can get clientele and maybe open a business one day?  I just want people to know that no matter how far down you’ve gone/you are, you can rise above, find your calling, change your life, and be happy!! 

       Now TO THE SUBJECT AT HAND!!!!   I do not go ANYWHERE without a full face of makeup!!! I’m talking about 100% beat for the gods kinda looks!! And sometimes I can pull them off in like 20-30 min!!! Skincare and everything!!! Race me on a Smokey eye!!! Lol I think a lot of it has to do with my insecurities about my teeth! They’re in terrible shape from my parent NEVER taking me to the dentist, not once growing up, and from my poor life choices I’m sure that wore them down good. We’re working on trying to get them fixed, it’s not unreasonable, but 10k is a lot to come up with at once! I also think that my fatigue and always feeling crappy will go away too once they get all of them out. 
        You guys, there’s a reason behind what I’m getting ready to say. They’re are good man in the world! And I got the best one! He believes in me, he’s always encouraging me to go further to push the limit to get out of my comfort zone and try something new! He constantly invest in my future and always always always tells me at least once or twice a day how proud of me he is!  He’s chivalrous, and tells me that he knows that I’m going to be a great MUA on and off line!!! I love you Jack!! He’s boosts my confidence like no other!! 
             Anyways, makeup saved me! I can’t wait to finish school and help people feel beautiful, amazing, care free, confident, sexy, and bold enough to step out of that comfort zone!!! The picture up top is tonight’s look: an ombré eye using Natasha Denona mini crush palette!! 

thanks for reading 📖 🙏 

Much Love💚


#milkmakeup @milk makeup @toofaced @ONESIZE  @RareBeauty #ITEM Beauty By Addison Rae  Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Wish You Wood Longwear Pencil Eyeliner Cuz I'm Black Natasha Denona Retro Eyeshadow Palette 

Re: How makeup saved my life!!!

This is an amazing story, congratulations dear @JadeLahdelma 💞 I have so much to say, because some things that you went through are actually the ones that I'm going through now. Thank you for sharing, I don't have your strenght to coming out from a few situations that are happening in my life atm, but you're doing great!! keep going 💪

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