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How To Contour with Blush and Bronzer

Hi beauties! What are a few basic tips for contouring with bronzer and blush? Any favorite products and brushes to purchase? If you have a video tutorial to share, I'd love to check it out. Can't wait to get started! 

RE: How To Contour with Blush and Bronzer

Areusedto wearblush on the apples of my cheeks like every tutorial that you have ever seen. But, after I turned 40 and the fat distribution in your face changes… I found the best way to wear blush and basically change and define your entire face shape! I use Bobby Brown hi shimmer lipgloss in NAKED PLUM… I suck in my cheeks to form hollows and draw a thin line from mid cheek to the outer edge of my cheek bone on both sides. Then I take a slightly damp sponge or a silicone sponge and with tiny strokes blend blend blend up towards my hairline and then pull the color with short strokes from the line inwards. Then just make sure it’s blended completely (so you don’t look like Grace slick circa 1980).. Then I add a little bit of cream highlighter to the cheekbone Under the outer edge of my eye and just above the brow bone and blend blend blend. It gives your face beautiful contour, makes your cheekbones look higher And you get a gorgeous healthy glow. I preferred to use the shimmery BB lipgloss because I like the way that the color blends in and doesn’t streak plus it has a slightly dewy look yet not at all sticky. If I do this at a touch of the lip shimmer to my lips a little bit of the cream highlighter just underneath my eyebrow and a sweep of mascara and I look fresh and wide-awake and younger 😜 It is my go to five minute make up routine for morning or eve. Love this trick! Try it🤪

Re: How To Contour with Blush and Bronzer

I have a youtube channel "JorDiershow" where I cover all my techniques I use to contour, but I just recently tried Pretty Vulgar's Bronzed B bronzer and it is the perfect shade to contour with, and they have a really great blush selection as well! 

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