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High School

Um I’m starting high school soon and I want to start to wear makeup but I don’t know how and what are good products 

Re: High School

I recommend that you gradually apply cosmetics in your life and see what the reaction will be on the skin and the body as a whole. I also really hope that high school will not be a very stressful period for you, because stress can also greatly affect the condition of the skin. In high school, I often used to complete difficult tasks and avoid stress. This allowed me to study successfully and have time for my own hobbies and entertainment. I recommend trying this resource, it is very useful for students!

Re: High School

Hello! I agree with previous responses, do get in a good routine for your skincare, cleanse and basic moisturizer unless you are other skin concerns. I think a tinted moisturizer or just concealer might be good just to even out complexion and then just mascara or lip gloss can help brighten and polish your look, and is a nice starting place for an easy routine. Good luck! @IsabellaT411 

Re: High School

@IsabellaT411 !


Don't assume you "need" to us a certain type of product, like bronzer, primer, foundation, etc. Maybe use a light concealer (if even needed), a touch of mascara, and a sheer lipcolor to start. ELF, Maybelline, Wet-n-Wild are good brands to try out and see what you like, what looks good on you, as @SportyGirly125 has commented.

Re: High School

If your just starting out I would recommend a nice primmer.( Milk Makeup)  Then I would add a tent for light coverage.( Fenty, Milk Makeup) It will also give you that effortless look an last all day ❤️ #fenty

Re: High School

@IsabellaT411  I agree, make sure your adult is fine with it.  Pick out a good moisturizer. That is something my mom told me and I have used moisturizer since I was a teen and it helped a lot with my complexion. 

Re: High School

@IsabellaT411 First, please make sure your parents are okay with you wearing makeup.  Second,  I would start off with drugstore brands like Maybelline or Morphe.  Find out what you want to focus on like eyes, lips, cheeks, etc.  At that age you don't need a ton of makeup.  If you can go to a beauty counter they can offer tips and tricks or you can watch Youtube tutorials.  Tagging @FullCoverageBB to help guide you since she is around the same age.

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