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Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop Palette & Sephora Pantone Light Speed Glitter Dust Swatches

Back again to share more swatches!!!


HK launched their Tokyo Pop collection and the bold, graphic design of her signature bow paired with bright pops of color make this a great Spring launch! I took on swatching the Tokyo Pop Eye Shadow Palette as I just couldn't resist the fluorescent colors in oh-so-cute packaging.



First off, in terms of the texture of the shadows they rate real well all around.


From L-R:


The first shade of green reminds me a lot of Graffiti from Urban Decay's Deluxe Shadows/Palette, only this one is a touch darker. The texture is very similar, but I did have to dab a few times to build up to the color on my hand. It's in no ways a weak or thin formula, so don't let that deter you, I did swatch these shadows on bare skin, no eye shadow primer.


The second shade is a fluorescent, grassy, lemon-lime green. This color was hands down the most impressive, I did one swipe and got amazing color pay off! It went on super smooth and had a nice satin finish. This color would be great popped on the inner corner of eyes or even paired with eggplant liner!


The the black shadow itself is matte, and like many matte shadows, it seems to be a more difficult shade/texture to apply smoothly. It does have blue and purple micro glitter, giving it a nice shimmer in the light and the particles are fine so they don't just separate from the black upon contact/application. I did have to pat a couple of times to build it up to the swatch seen, and I found that with the texture and micro glitter it was better to pat rather than rub to apply the shadow evenly.


The second row of color starts off with a satiny, sky blue. This blue is very cool toned, and it does have a slight frost to it. It applied like the first green, almost like Peace in the UD Deluxe Shadows/Palette but lighter.


The fifth shade is like Fishnet with a touch of Woodstock in Urban Decay's regular and Deluxe Shadows/Palette. This one didn't apply as bold as I would have liked, although it would look gorgeous dabbed over a darker shadow (like the black with micro glitter) to create a duo-toned shade. 


The last shade looks like a frosty white in the photo, but it's my second favorite in the palette. It's actually a opalescent and has a blue/purple shift! It's hard to capture in photos, but in person it's gorgeous. If you've ever swatched UD's cream shadows, it reminds me of Morphine, but rather than having a base of purple, it's got a silvery, white base but the same color shift.


The last swatch underneath all 6 shades is the highlighting powder. I'm not going to lie, it looked super dull in the palette in person. It almost looked matte, but after swatching it I was very impressed! It has such a creamy and smooth texture, not chalky or dry looking at all. It's got a champagne tint with a satiny finish, it would even be great on the eyes! 


On a side note, I also got to check out the brush cup! It's super adorable, very simple, but it makes a statement with black and red and would look great on the vanity of any HK fan. The down side is that the inside of the cup is lined with fabric that feels like soft felt/faux flocking. It feels super nice, but it's material that would catch powder and especially shimmer super easily and even if it got wipped down it would just "push" or spread product around before actually getting the black fabric clean and I know shimmer/glitter would linger. The cup seemed a bit too short to house longer brushes, though it's not flimsy and didn't seem like it would tip over, the proportions just wouldn't look spot on. It would probably make a much cuter cup for housing mascaras, liners, or lip glosses! That would probably keep the inside more clean too.


Lastly, I got to swatch the Sephora Pantine Light Speed Glitter Dust!


I must say, after dealing with dozens of packing types for loose pigments and glitters, Sephora hit it on the head with the design on this one! The square edges and border is just far enough from the rounded center with product to where you don't worry about opening the glitter and having a poof of product disperse into the air and over your hand. It wasn't too large to be cumbersome, but it is large enough to be functional and efficient in housing the product. 


As far as the product itself, it looks a lot bolder in the packaging. I'm sure this is a product you can always apply with a detailed eye brush for a bold pop of color, but it blends down nicely to a soft emerald. It has silver micro glitter in it, it's very fine and not chunky or large. It reminds me of the micro glitter in the black shadow in the HK palette rather than the glitter in UD's Midnight Cowboy/Cowgirl shades. I imagine that this product would be great dabbed on freshly applied primer or even thicker primers like Lorac's Behind the Scenes or Too Faced's Glitter Glue for a stronger color impact. It could mix well with any primer to create your own creamy, emerald liner too!



Re: Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop Palette & Sephora Pantone Light Speed Glitter Dust Swatches

Thanks for sharing with us Lylysa, I love how spring like and bright the shades are! The blue really caught my eye and would be great to mix with a brown liner Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop Palette & Sephora Pantone Light Speed Glitter Dust Swatches

My pleasure, Diana! Yup, great call on the combo for the blue! It's a great kit for adding pops of color to neutral palettes or shadow collections without being too overwhelmed with color selections.


I never tried or played with the texture of the HK shadows before and I was really impressed!

Re: Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop Palette & Sephora Pantone Light Speed Glitter Dust Swatches

thank you!

Re: Hello Kitty Tokyo Pop Palette & Sephora Pantone Light Speed Glitter Dust Swatches

You're welcome! Smiley Happy

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