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Glossier Products..

I’ve never tried any products from Glossier. Curious if anyone has tried any of their skincare or mascara? It’s always hard when you are buying from a different country, you don’t really want to go through the hassle of returning anything. Any/all feedback is welcome!!! 👍🏻👍🏻🙂🙂🙂

Re: Glossier Products..

I love Glossier and like any brand, some products are worth the price and others not so much.  My favorite things by them are as follows:

1.  You - Eau de Parfum liquid - a light, musky, animalic skin fragrance.  The only iris scent I enjoy, initially smelling a bit vintage, the light floral and peppery start meld into the skin, and the musk and ambrette take over.  A modern take on a vintage scent.

2.  Boy Brow - Black, The ease of application and formulation is great for on the go.

3.  Stretch Concealer - a good, emollient  option for under the eye and on days when you want no fuss.

4.  Cloud Paint - A light, blendable blush, easy and blends with fingers effortlessly.


Things I want to try - Brow Flick, Lash Slick, Milky Jelly Cleanser, Gen G Lip


Their Haloscope highlighter in Quartz is subpar, I prefer Milk Makeup in Lit.

Their Clear Lipgloss is just a gloss, MAC Lipglass is a good alternative.

The skincare serums are okay, but the Ordinary has more affordable options.

Re: Glossier Products..

@GG84 I've tried their skin exfoliating solution. It's fine, it does the job, but I don't think it's as good as the Tarte knock out tingling treatment. I would not purchase it again. 

Not skin care but I also have one of their generation g lipsticks. Feel similar to the skin care, it's fine, it does what it says, but it's also a bit stiff imo and I for sure have lipsticks I prefer. 

Also received a sample of their priming moisturizer when I ordered. Hard to tell anything after 1 sample but it didn't make me want to go buy it

Re: Glossier Products..

@GG84  I tried a few of their products, hope this helps!


-Balmdotcom -

Birthday cake - smells lovely. It's a decent balm, but there's nothing unique about it, it's basically glorified vaseline. I would repurchase mostly because it smells like Milk bar birthday cake

Cherry - Horrible. It terribly dried my lips, I don't know if it was the pigment they added to that version, but I cannot use this.


-Priming moisturizer - I received a sample of it and used it a couple of times. It's kinda like embryolisse or a lighter version of CT magic cream.


-Eye/lip cream - decent, but you probably have a better eye cream at home. I did enjoy using it under lipsticks and at night as a lip moisturizer under my lip sleeping mask.


I have not tried the mascara, but it's on my list. I need a "tube" mascara for summer.


-love their cream blush.

-Love the liquid eyeshadows (they're a wisp of a shine to the eyes), specially cub.

-Like the GenG matte balms (though they can feel weird/waxy).

-Love the concealer for days I don't want to wear makeup - it is extremely dewy/wet and it never sets.

-Love boy brow.

-gloss is ok, very shiny, but sticky and heavy IMO. It' tiny at 4.2 ml for $14. Fenty glow for reference it's 9ml for $18.

-perfume (liquid) - love. great if you're into the Juliette has a gun "not a perfume" scent.

Re: Glossier Products..


Thank you so much for all this feedback! I’ve added the mascara to my cart, so I will let you know how it works out 🙂

Re: Glossier Products..

Please do! <3

Re: Glossier Products..

@GG84 I’ve tried a few of their products. Love the priming moisturizer. Would not recommend the hydrating Moon Mask. Very difficult to remove and I don’t notice a difference after use. The Birthday balm dot com is nice as a multi-use salve but as a lip balm not my favorite. 

Re: Glossier Products..


That’s so odd about the Moon Mask. Was it a tacky texture? 

Re: Glossier Products..

No @GG84 just very thick and difficult to remove. I had high hopes!

Re: Glossier Products..

I love the Glossier brand and have been to two of their stores (soon to be three) so am quite well-versed with their products, even ones I don't own. I own nearly all their original makeup line (minus Generation G lipsticks and the mascara) as well as the priming moisturizer and Vinylic lip from the Play line. I am going to pick up another priming moisturizer, a new shade of cloud paint, the Niteshine highlighter, and mascara in a couple weeks at their Seattle pop-up.


I have not disliked a single product from the line but it is important to know what to expect with every item. I recommend watching some "full face Glossier" videos on Youtube to know what you're getting. My least recommended products would probably be the Vinylic lip (I got the darkest shade and people seem to have better luck with the nude), the soothing face mist (it's just overpriced rosewater), and the Lidstars (they're fine but very subtle, I like using moon as a quick inner corner highlight but never use cub). I'm very into a fresh, glowy complexion so I like all their face products. I am not as well-versed in their skincare but the milky oil and both versions of the priming moisturizer are really nice. I have heard mixed reviews on the cleanser (seems ineffective for removing anything heavy) and serums specifically. Hope this helps.

Re: Glossier Products..


Oh darn, I really wanted to try the cleanser! I’m almost out of my current and it sounded really good. Appreciate all the feedback ❤️

Re: Glossier Products..

@GG84 I've tried mostly their makeup products (concealer, Cloud Paint, eyeliner, Boy Brow, lipstick), but the only skincare from the brand that I've tried is the cleanser. The cleanser is fine, but there are definitely better ones out there. 


I will say that Cloud Paint is one of my favorite makeup items ever. It's super easy to apply, and the gel formula is unique. I use Boy Brow daily, but I have naturally thick brows that need to be tamed, not filled. The concealer has light coverage--it's fine for undereyes and minor redness, but not so much blemishes. And the lipstick is fine, but not the best I've ever tried--it's a little on the dry side, but it has an interesting, buildable, sheer but matte finish that I kind of like. I also like the eyeliner, but I've heard that quality varies depending on the color.

Re: Glossier Products..

@txcatx Thank you for your feedback ♥️I’m definitely interested in Cloud Paint!! 

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