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Post in Makeup Is Life

Fenty Foundation

Hey there ladies and gents! 

I picked up the Fenty foundation in the color 350 and sadly I have to return it. It's just way too neutral for me. The color is so off from my chest and neck. I've swatched like 5 different colors and I just can't seem to find the right one. For reference I wear Tahoe in NARS and nc44 in MAC. I'm thinking of trying 370. Any of you have the same issues as me with trying to find the right undertone?

Re: Fenty Foundation

Hi @Lipstkjunkie !


Is it possible that you have olive undertones? I really struggled finding a foundation to match me for a long time until I found out I leaned a bit olive. Some people would match me to either a warm or a neutral, which matched *okay* but never quite right. You might give olive foundations a try, or use a product like MAKE UP FOR EVER - Chromatic Mix – Oil Base to help adjust the color of a foundation you love.

Re: Fenty Foundation

I have no idea what my undertone is now 😩 I always thought I had a warm undertone since my veins appear green. My color IQ match is 2y11.


I tried 345 in fenty and it looked off.


Do you have any suggestions for brands that carry olive foundations? 


Im definitely going to look into that oil base. Thanks!

RE: Fenty Foundation

i had struggled w/ finding my undertone not just in fenty but in general. lol. i bounced around with fenty and in the right light 350 works on me i wear 370 as well and 390 is my summer shade i also wear lancome 450 suede n so maybe that helps.

Re: RE: Fenty Foundation

The struggle! I have a sample of 370 at home that I’ll try out eventually. I think I just have to accept the fact that I’ll never find the perfect match and I just have to blend down my neck. 

RE: Re: RE: Fenty Foundation

its quite a journey but with so many brands out its hope! explore and have fun with it. i think i have so many colors in my face due to blemishes and acne so maybe shade match to your chest and/or neck. i start swatchin on my chest and it helps alot in getting a good idea with what works or doesnt
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