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Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Too Faced Damn Girl.png


Sephora’s Beauty Insider Community and Too Faced have partnered to give select Community members an exciting early access to Too Faced’s brand new mascara, Damn Girl.


This is a Sephora exclusive, high-intensity mascara that delivers a 24 hour smudge- and flake- resistant curl, maximum lift, and extreme volume without a heavy feel. It contains whipped melting waxes that create one weightless super-layer, lash suspension polymer which lifts and locks-in curl, and hydrophilic black which creates shamelessly-rich, black lashes.


This products is also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and free of parabens and phthalates.


We want to hear your thoughts on this new lash product. Please share your first impressions and looks on this thread. We look forward to your feedback!

Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

So I bought this mascra a few months ago when it came out, but didn't start using it until about a month ago. I find it horrible. It is clumping all over the brush. A big glob of mascra comes each time I pull the brush out. I want to return it but I figure it's too late since I held on to it before use.

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

I just put the mascara on an hour ago but preliminary thoughts - uhhh that’s a huge wand. I thought my current fav, butter London touch of wow (Sephora - you need to carry this. IT superhero is close second but I love BL), had a big wand but this one takes the cake. This made application difficult and I think I didn’t get the full effect because of it.  They look good but not nearly as long as the other mascaras.  I do love the outside of the package. 


To be updated tonight to add how it survives “feels like 107” day.  Good luck with the heat my fellow BICers. Put on your spf, hydrate, and keep others (human and nonhuman) safe. ☀️ 🌴🌸

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

I received this mascara as a sample with my order. I did not think that it lived up to the hype that was created around it. I did not find that my lashes were much bigger and the were definitely no giving me the falsie effect that a primer plus a really good, black mascara does (ysl faux cils). I do love the effort going in to creating new innovative products, though. This one just did not do it for me. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

I would like to preface this by saying Too Faced is a terrific brand and I am extremely satisfied with some of their products, but this review will get ugly. 


This product did not apply easily. I found I had to go over the lashes over and over and over again to get any noticeable colour. This is after using a top brand lash primer. 


Brush was far too big for easy application. Hard to apply to inner corners without the brush contacting the skin.


Wear of the product was very disappointing. If I had nothing to do all day but my hair and make-up it would be fine as I would have plenty of time for touch-ups; but I felt this product was not designed for, uh; contributing members of society. Put it on at 6 in the morning and have raccoon eyes by noon. That is flat out unacceptable as there are far too many other brands with superior staying power. 


There are a lot of strong, successful and hardworking people shopping at Sephora. We don’t have time to worry about what our make-up looks like a couple hours into our day, because together we’re kinda busy running the world. We deserve better.


Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@Annex1   Thanks for the heads up about it not lasting long. I was planning on taking the sample on my next work trip but now I will try it before then.  I’ll try it this weekend. Outside in 95 degree weather should be a good test. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Woah @Annex1 sorry to hear you had such a negative experience with this product! I consider myself a “contributing member of society” who is strong, hardworking, successful and work 10 hour days. I found the product to be long-lasting, and gave me really dark, full and fluffy lashes. I appreciate the honesty of your review, but I don’t know if it was necessary to throw in some of that language. My mom was a stay at home mom who always had to deal with people saying she wasn’t contributing to society or “didnt Have a job”, or that she had all the time in the world to do things, and not only is she the best mom, but also one of the hardest working ladies I know ☺️

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

That is unfortunate you would relate my comment to your mother, as I did not mention mothers in my post. Believe me; I have no delusions over how much work children actually are. Kiss life as you know it goodbye. It is an all encompassing, exhausting, gruelling labour with no vacation. A “holiday” is taking a shower and finding joy in those 5 precious minutes completely alone. I was not thinking of mother’s when I wrote my review as they are fortunate to even have time to shop for mascara. 



Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Hi @Annex1,


I am so sorry to hear this. I will forward this feedback to the appropriate Team for review and consideration. Thank you! 




Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thank you @SephoraBIC & Too Faced for the opportunity for try out this mascara!


I've enjoyed trying out this mascara since I've gotten it. I was happy to find that this didn't flake on me, like sometimes Better Than Sex does. I only notice smudging, but very minimal, after a long day of wear. I didn't notice much curling or lengthening, but it did help thicken my lashes. My only issue is the size of the brush; I think it was a bit too big for me because of my short lashes. I had some trouble getting into the corners to reach every lash. And because of the size of the brush, I found I did have to make sure to wipe off some product before applying. But I do think that the brush would work better for someone with longer lashes. I also like the packaging & its shape in that I can set it down on its side & not worry about it rolling off.


Thank you again, Sephora & Too Faced!

Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

I received this mascara for free for testing purposes. I was originally wary because I dislike Better Than Sex. D*mn Girl fixes the problems that BTS had and gives me such voluminous lashes. The brush really packs on the product, but there aren't clumps. I tried to use another mascara I had, but I ultimately wished I had used the D*mn Girl because it's so lovely. This is a winner for me!! I love this mascara.

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

I love it! I used a promo code to get it included with my latest Sephora purchases and I'm so glad I did. I have been using Too-Faced BTS mascara for years but it's always just the tiniest bit smudged under the eyes by the end of a long work day. I have found this new brush certainly applies a great deal more product so it gives a more dramatic look but I'm not mad about it Smiley Happy No smudging either!  

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

I am so excited about this mascara! Better than sex has always been so clumpy and awful for me, even though it's a holy grail for so many people. I was definitely skeptical when Sephora sent me this to try, but I have been so pleasantly surprised! It gives me the major volume I love with no clumps, and it stays put all day but isn't impossible to remove. It's in my daily rotation now! Thanks, Sephora & Too Faced!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

This will become part of my daily rotation - I was apprehensive to try since the Better Than Sex formulation is too clumpy for me but I really liked this mascara! The brush is a bit big and cumbersome but again better than the Better Than Sex, and I surprisingly don't get it all over my eyes like with the other brush. Getting a bit more lash separation would also be great. Otherwise it's easy to apply, gives great volume, doesn't clump much, and doesn't smear all over your face when you get wet compared to other mascaras (not saying this is waterproof but I don't look like a raccoon when I get out of the shower like other mascaras if I don't remove it before showering). The packaging is also cute. Thanks for letting me try!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

I LOVE this mascara. It does not smudge at all, which is so important to me. I've worn it for very long days, and it never falls under my eye, which I found the Better Than Sex formula did. Aside from that, it offers excellent volume and applies beautifully. I will definitely continue to use this product!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

I think that this mascara is much better than the Better Than Sex formula. I was surprised on how much I liked it. The only feedback I would give is that the brush is too large for me to use in a quick application, and this is coming from someone with large eyes.


Thanks for sending me this goody!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thank you so much for the gift Sephora and getting to try this mascara! The packaging and the makeup bag it came on are super cute, I love the pink. The mascara was really good, I haven’t noticed much flaking. The mascara itself seemed really thick, I’ve had some in the past be really runny and hard to keep from going everywhere. I feel like I didn’t get all the length and the volume I was hoping for but I really enjoyed the mascara and would definitely purchase and use again. The biggest con I had was the wand, so much product came out.

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@iamweegs  Congratulations on receiving this gratis. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thank you so much for the gift Sephora - I loved the product!

I found the packaging to be super pretty (love the pink chrome!) and the product itself is great! It gives my lashes both volume and length, and the best part is that I have not noticed any flaking. I find that the product lasts all day, and looks just as fresh at the end of the day as it does when I first apply it.

I agree with the other reviews I've seen in that the brush holds a lot of the mascara product as it is a fairly large brush. However, I find this better than a brush that holds little to no product and has to be consistently dipped into the mascara tube between applications. You can easily work your way around the brush, and the more you use the product, the easier it is to do so.

Would definitely purchase!

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

@MarKon Congrats on receiving this gratis. 

Re: Feedback Wanted: New Too Faced Mascara!

Thank you so much for sending me this mascara Sephora! I actually really wanted to try this mascara anyway and I was about to put it in my cart the SAME day that I received it in the mail-- it was fate! I feel like this will be my first and last free product after my review but I wanted to be honest...


I gave this product 3 tries before coming to my final conclusion. I really liked the packaging but that's about where my "likes" end.


I thought the brush was going to be really fun to play with but I think it is the main cause of my negative experience. When I first pulled the wand out of the tube the first thing that I noticed was how much product was on it-- TOO much in my opinion! This brush was hard to maneuver and I made such a mess with this mascara. I ended up getting products on my contacts, finished eyeshadow and under my eyes. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong so I kept trying to do different things (angling, wiping the brush with a tissue before using, etc.) but I ended up with the same messy result every time.


I am sorry, but this mascara is not for me. Better Than Sex is a great product but this one isn't even comparable.


I appreciate the gift! I had a fun time trying this product out. Thank you again.

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